Finding freedom … within the prison of one’s mind or body

“If you bring forth what is Within you, what you bring forth Will save you. If you don’t bring forth
What is within you, what you Don’t bring forth will destroy you.” 

When the physical body becomes toxic there is a cascade effect upwards through all the bodies and ultimately one’s spiritual essence loses the will to live. This can happen as a downward cascade too, both transmitting transformed energy through the lower chakras to stimulate purification.

It’s not about breaking out of the prison of one’s body but finding liberation within it and through it. And the goal is not to eradicate all dis-ease necessarily but to find and develop those inherent resources that we can use to cue our sense of safety within the dis-ease.

Transformation isn’t about changing anything but about opening to a shift in patterns that will organically steer one’s being to a kind of alchemical transmutation. When we try to change we automatically set up a resistance to what we don’t want but when we accept things as they are, one’s focus shifts away and the resistance drops … and then everything is open to change free from clinging to how one wants it to be.

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