Travel Well to Your Being

Sometimes this embodiment of our true selves is beneath a lifetime of injury, trauma, addiction, illness, and subsequent compensation. Sometimes we have forgotten who it is we were born to be. Sometimes we have fought so hard to live a life for others we have lost connection to the life we are meant to live for ourselves. Everything exists within you and you have a unique medicine to gift to the world that no one else has. We all came here to heal–some miss the point by believing there is shame in imperfection, so they push the scars behind the wound and then deny that too. When you begin to recognise and identify your pain, you have begun the journey to healing, and when you acknowledge and honour your wound you have heeded the call to your gift.

You are not a drop in the ocean but the entire ocean in a drop; you are nature embodied; an accumulation of the universe from the dawning of time till the death of humanity. You are stardust and mountains. When you realise this, you will let go of the beliefs you have created as an armoured suit around your soul and you will be able to live according to your full potential.

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