Soul Pilgrimage

When we pilgrimage we spiral back to core, to the centre of our soul. 

The caterpillar doesn’t go into its cocoon and then simply emerge as a transformed being; the caterpillar has to turn completely to gloop before it can completely recreate itself as a butterfly from its inherent blueprint. Although change is inevitable, it’s rarely easy, and it’s mostly in our resistance to it that suffering occurs.

You may not have chosen your particular path; you may have been unwittingly pushed off, or on, course by events in your life; but this is your path and only you can walk it. No matter where you are on either your external or internal journeys, I’d like to invite you on an adventure that integrates the two, by exploring your outer realities within the context of your inner landscape. Whatever the challenges you face, you already possess either the resources or the capacity to develop the correct set of resources to travel this passage through whatever you step in to meet and whatever rises to meet you.

We always know which is the best road to follow, but we follow only the road that we have become accustomed to.

Paulo Coelho

Nature is my true love, my guru and my ikigai. I am either on the mountain and/or in the sea every day, whether for an hour or eight. For me life is not worth living without being able to wander far from my base, to explore, adventure and experience … to ratchet open my belief systems and allow the magical and the unimaginable to enter and add creative impact to the landscape of my body and mind.

A Soul Pilgrimage is like a Sacred Pause for the Soul. It can be a retreat to distant lands or Shinrin-Yoku; it can be a morning of meditation and nourishing food; it can be a full day, half day or weekend hiatus at a mind-calming, emotionally balancing and grounding location; it can be trauma release therapies and being held in water; it can involve physically traversing mountain paths and it can also be an emotional or mental pilgrimage that doesn’t require you to leave my therapy room. The path we walk together will bring you closer to who you were born to be underneath all the layers of who you have been conditioned to become. I can guide you to getting lost so that you can then create your unique way, whether you feel ready to traverse the full distance or have only the capacity to take it section by section.

Enquire by scanning the QR Code for WhatAspp or completing the contact form here.

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.

Jean de La Fontaine

Using a combination of elemental therapies with meditation, coaching skills, healing hands, and open-hearted curiosity, I will initially enquire into what outcomes you are looking for and offer you a bespoke program based on your specific needs. We will discuss the length of the retreat and whether you would like one-on-one soul space or the opportunity to join one of my group retreats.

I live over 12,000km from Penelope, and yet her work as a healing angel has reached me. I was feeling low, no energy, struggling with self confidence and every attempt I made to try and get stronger again just didn’t work. I messaged Penelope, she asked about my symptoms. She took time to fully understand what was wrong, how the last 6 months had been for me. And then wow! The suggestions and advice she gave me were incredible. I could tell the depth of knowledge she has on holistic health, it was wonderful to learn so much from her. I took her advice, and 2 weeks later and I am just about back to my old self. My mojo is back thanks to Penelope! So even if you can’t physically go to Penelope, she can still be your healing angel via zoom and WhatsApp. It’s Well worth being.” – Sasha MacSween

Treat your life like a pilgrimage: follow the waymarkers; get lost; take some detours; meet new people; see new sights, and always remember to resource well with water, rest and nutrition. Travel well … one step at a time. Simply walking along narrow trails and being touched by the Cape fynbos, and deeply breathing in mountain or sea air, will infuse your system with beneficial microbes. You are changed by every step, every breath, every emotional emergence and every sight, touch and sound. Embrace the change – it is the only guarantee.

Each life is a pilgrimage intended to arrive at the centre of the pilgrim’s soul.

Michael Meade

Don’t seek the path, seek rather that which prompts the looking. This is your own personal pilgrimage.