Soul Pilgrimage

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”
– Joseph Campbell

True Healing:
Penelope is truly a gift to the world and I am so grateful to have met her on my wellbeing journey. She is an incredible cranio-sacral therapist with genuine healing hands- but she’s also so much more. The diversity of experience and modalities that she is able to bring into a session makes her treatments truly unique. She meets me where I’m at and is able to tap into what my whole being needs. She has helped me re-set my nervous system and create new neural pathways! How lucky am I! Penelope is also wonderful with children.” – Lana Hindmarch

I am a free-spirited nature lover, humbled by and appreciative of the guidance and therapy simply walking in nature can bring. Nature is my true love, my guru and my religion; I am either on the mountain and/or in the sea every day, whether for an hour or eight. A Soul Pilgrimage can be as close to home or as far away as you like; it can be a journey to distant lands or a climb up a local mountain or through a forest … because ultimately you never leave your self; you are always right here … yet changed by the path. By walking a Soul Pilgrimage we are reminded of where we come from and we can once again connect to our outer environment through an embodied process of awakening the senses. Second to my teenage son, this is my greatest love. This is my ikigai.

We travel first because we think we have to somehow find ourselves. And then we travel because we need to lose ourselves. Finally we travel because we realise we can only ever create ourselves. We travel to open our bodies, our hearts and our souls to the experiential value lacking in all that has been crammed into our minds so that we can reprogram the foundational characteristics of our brains and forge a new reality to return to … to the same place but a place that has changed because we ourselves are changed. This is the Circle of Zen; the Hero’s Journey; the Quest found in every Question; the Path to your unique Pathology.

Ultimately the pilgrimage is not necessarily about going away somewhere that has a defined destination, it is mostly about coming home. And the role of the guide/coach is not to create or curate anything new but to weave a magical map that gives the pilgrim permission to take the first step in the direction of their very own truth, guided by the emotional traction gained on a rites of passage journey back to Self.

When you find yourself in unfamiliar territory and feel yourself to be lost, look around and reference your own unique navigation points. Then look around again and take one step. Repeat until you recognise that in getting lost you are also found and that unfamiliar territory is simply an opportunity to add more reference points to your map.

You may not have chosen your particular path; you may have been unwittingly pushed off, or on, course by events in your life; but this is your path and only you can walk it. Whatever the challenges you face, you already possess either the resources or the capacity to develop the correct set of resources to travel this passage through whatever you step in to meet and whatever rises to meet you. That set of challenging factors are the very things that have also equipped you for this particular path. So, if you are questioning your purpose, your path or even your pathology then it’s time to go on a quest.

We always know which is the best road to follow, but we follow only the road that we have become accustomed to.

Paulo Coelho

I lost my way by finding someone else’s to follow because it does feel kinda nice to fit in sometimes. And it was only when I threw away the map I got so used to living on that I learned that the territory that is me cannot be mapped by any standardised normality and I had to create a new map based on a re-imagining of what I wanted this territory to look like. Everyone’s process is unique though so to be able to flex into the curves and detours of any journey is a skill we can develop through recognising that there are over seven billion unique humans and, therefore, over seven billion unique paths. No matter where you are on either your external or internal journeys, I’d like to take you on an adventure that integrates the two, by exploring your outer realities within the context of your inner landscape. I can guide you to getting lost so that you can then create your unique way.

“After just the first session It felt like if I was ‘back on track’ with my body perception, inner dialogue, space awareness and proprioception. The space Penelope provides together with her dedication, competence, gentle approach and her presence allowed me to sink into myself and to restart from a different basis. Craniosacral theraphy is indeed an inner journey. Thank you Penelope, I feel blessed!” – Marco Giorgetti

I am your guide who will show up and meet you where you’re at … whether you are interested in walking one section of the journey and need guidance on how to traverse the full route or if you’re amped to go the full distance but feel you only have the capacity for a short section. I call myself the Camino Coach because I like to use the five best-known symbols of the Camino de Santiago to guide you. I have been on several physical pilgrimages and many more spiritual and emotional ones. For me life is not worth living without being able to wander far from my base, to explore, adventure and experience things outside of my regular objective reality … places I can ratchet open my belief systems to allow the magical and the unimaginable to enter and add creative impact to the landscape of my body and mind.

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.

Jean de La Fontaine

After your initial introduction call, we will embark on this pilgrimage by following the guidance of the symbols of the Camino de Santiago. We will be guided by the external sources to co-create an inner itinerary and packing list and we will then walk–either weekly or bi-monthly–creating a passport of destinations reached, and travelling towards the you that you will know for the first time on completion of the journey. This can involve physically traversing mountain paths and it can also be an emotional or mental pilgrimage that doesn’t require you to leave my therapy room. Lets both just arrive with open minds and hearts full of wonder so that no matter the distance the journey will be complete. For now… and now… and now. Whatever it looks like, it will be a soul journey that may not always be clear and definitely not easy … but it will always be worth it.

Each life is a pilgrimage intended to arrive at the centre of the pilgrim’s soul.

Michael Meade

Treat your life like a pilgrimage… follow the waymarkers, get lost, take some detours, meet new people, see new sights. And always remember to resource well with water, rest and nutrition. Learn what is redundant and how to discard it and learn what you need to do better the next day or in planning the next trip. Travel well … one step at a time. Nothing is here to just get through or get over or be done with in order to be happy. The challenge is to befriend it all and be happy WITH it rather than only once it’s done.

Don’t seek the path, seek rather that which prompts the looking. This is your own personal pilgrimage.