T.I.M.E. Meditation

“In between the stimulus and the response there is a space and in that space is our power and our freedom.”
– Viktor Frankl

It’s mostly fun and enjoyable to go exploring over outer landscapes … but what about the lesser travelled inner landscapes? When last did you go on an expedition to your Self?

50-hour certification training:
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The first step to meditation should be the complete awareness of the ordinary four bodies and their corresponding connection to the eternal bodies. Starting with the critical purification of physical, prana, mental and psychic bodies, one becomes aware of these four layers with the dedicated practice of Transformational Integral Meditation Education (T.I.M.E).

Life Before And After Therapy:
I can’t thank you enough dear Penelope for your beautiful way of helping people including me. I was lucky to experience your magic hands and healing power. Always something I look forward to because I know it works.” – Veronika

In our societies, the pursuit of happiness seems to have become a drive towards the augmentation of external situations. But the only way to achieve pure peace and wellbeing is through the excavation and purification of your physical, emotional, mental and psychic bodies. Happiness is an inside job so a harmonious life has little to do with what you do and everything to do with who you are and who you choose to be in any given moment. Just by taking attention to the inner Self, you begin to observe subtle shifts that draw energy towards your purpose and ways to better align with it.

It is only by grounding our awareness in the living sensation of our bodies that the ‘I Am,’ our real presence, can awaken.

G. I. Gurdjieff

Every human being is living in a four-dimensional body yet traditional systems of meditation are exclusively centred on one particular aspect and leave other layers un- or under-developed. Traditionally considered a part of Raja Yoga, yogis have for centuries tried to achieve enlightenment of the mind through meditation. However, in order to bring a truly permanent and definitive transformation, one has to look beyond the boundaries of the mind. Experience has shown that simply meditating on the thoughts, breath, sounds or senses–even just silence–is not enough because simply dedicating oneself entirely to spiritual practices by leaving behind all attachment negates the necessity of the deep dive into one’s being. And without embodying the practice, it’s impossible to truly understand one’s soul purpose.

Meditation isn’t about getting somewhere; it is about freeing yourself of the mindset that there is a goal in arriving somewhere. Meditation isn’t about getting rid of thoughts and discomfort and sitting with calm breath and heart rate; it is about sitting with your heaviness, your excessive thoughts, your shortness of breath and all your emotions … and just meeting yourself there without judgement and without trying to change anything. Meditation is whatever shows up in the moment and allowing whatever comes of it to simply be the byproduct of the meditation itself.

Meditation is an inner guide to Source/Self–one’s true personality–and is the gateway to self-realisation and awareness of one’s true aim in this world. It is a practical system for experiencing the four outer layers and four eternal layers, also called apara and para dimensions of the Self.

Whilst it is essentially nurturing and nourishing–and, as such, deeply healing–to have regular bodywork sessions and therapies and to engage in the multitude modalities on offer, nothing can fully access the depths of your being as can your very own mind. External resources can be recruited as catalysts and then accessing your own deep inner state of self-healing can be done through meditation practice.

You, the richest person in the world, have been struggling endlessly, not understanding that you already possess all that you seek.

The Lotus Sutra

Dynamic physical meditation is ultimately practiced in any situation of practical daily life and does not require any austerities. Asanas, practiced as part of the dynamic element of this technique, bring awareness to all seven chakras and their relationship with the higher dimensions. Combined with the still meditation element, TIME intends to give the right keys to experience true balance, peace and harmony; it helps one discover the true Self beyond the mind, body and vital, and it leads to a rapid and permanent ascent in one’s state of consciousness.

I had the extraordinary privilege of a one-on-one study program in Tamil Nadu, India, with its founder, Swami Vidyanand, who has appointed me as South African Ambassador for the technique and Director for Africa, with the purpose of teaching and sharing its benefits so that others may find a way to come out of misery and find true peace and happiness.

Everything material you consume gets transformed into your physical body and the same goes for breath, thoughts and love. As spiritual beings on a human journey, this technique can help you tune into your higher self in order to clear away the physical, emotional, mental and psychic sludge that is preventing you from living fully and magically in this human form.

The higher chakras are always in an active state but remain blocked to those who have too much stuck energy in the different bodies. Through a dedicated practice, one can progressively get rid of the stuck energy in the lower chakras, preparing the way to receive the pure energy coming from the higher dimensions of consciousness.

What we call salvation belongs to the time before death.
If you don’t break your ropes while you are alive, do you think ghosts will do it for you afterward?
What is found now is found then.


Both untransformed and transformed souls exist at the same time in all humans. Upon death the untransformed–apara– soul is also destroyed as it is finite and for this life only; the transformed–apara–soul is eternal and continues to exist in all dimensions. Enlightenment through yoga not only enables us to achieve this ‘final’ transformation mindfully, but to live our journey in this current life in a more meaningful way. Enlightenment means connection with our inner guide, the ability to follow our chosen path using intuition, learning and developing spiritually. Enlightenment is not something to be in pursuit of but rather something to recognise as being ever-present behind the veils of ignorance and blind belief; one simply has to connect with one’s source through the practice of meditation to let go of that which is blocking one’s clear sight to the truth of the universe.

Each treasure comes with its opposite: meditation and movement; nourishment and fasting; warm baths and cold showers; active states of busyness and gentle rest; solitude and socialising. The key is to experience each polarity of your being in order to know on a somatic level which is needed. The tree is made up of two halves: half above the ground and half below; what you see growing toward the sky, draped in leaves and flowers and fruit, is drawn from the depths of darkness. This is representative of the psyche and of health in general. Gardening is done in the earth, not in the sky. What do you want to feed the soil in order to bring about the bounty from the depths of the unconscious (dark) into conscious awareness (light).

The only way to change what’s going on around you is to change what’s going on inside you.
What you practice is what you become.

Experience creates physiology
Physiology creates emotions
Emotions create feelings
Feelings create thoughts
Thoughts drive behaviour
Behaviour underlies performance
Performance dictates behaviour
Behaviour creates thoughts
Thoughts create feelings
Feelings underly emotion
Emotion changes physiology