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I have explored my own inner landscapes like a true nomad to see more fully the vistas of my own journey and, therefore, better guide you on your own unique path … from my heart to my hands to your health.

It’s not about healing the wound, it’s about forming a better relationship with it.

CG Jung

Read below the reviews from some of my clients who have shared their experiences with the various modalities I offer.
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A space where wisdom, knowledge & intuition merge:
I have been seeing Penelope for over a year, starting with Cranio Sacral treatments for pain, then also seeing her for Life Coaching sessions. In both cases I felt held in compassion, and in a space where deep wisdom, knowledge & intuition merged. Penelope is super authentic – she doesn’t mince words but in that she is loving and cares for her clients after the session and in my case has since become a deep friendship. She has an incredible library of knowledge in her head which she readily shares with enthusiasm. I have experienced some major shifts in my life with Penelope’s guidance. I definitely recommend her healing, compassionate, wise input for anyone wishing to feel better in mind body & spirit.”
– Angie Lockets

She has a clear gift:
Penelope is a friend and as she visited Auroville this time (again) had time to offer some treatment, as a friend. I am not biased. I receive many different treatments from practitioners of various healing modalities here in Auroville but have to say that Penelope is one of the best I have encountered. It is such a subtle treatment, with the holding, but the body really responds and connects well. Truly restful and energising and highly recommended.”
– Petra Mo

The best massage I have ever received:
I had the good fortune to catch Penelope just a few days before leaving Cape Town. I had 2 sessions and this was my first ever experiencing a cranialsacral massage. I went in open minded and welcoming to the energy and wow — it ease SENSATIONAL. The energy that came through my feet specifically … the 1.5 hrs passed by and my body felt completely relaxed and just held.. Penelope is wonderful, not only with her hands/energy but also to speak with about life obstacles… wonderful soul. Hope to be back in Cape Town again so I can experience more. Thank you.”
– Stefania

True Healing:
Penelope is truly a gift to the world and I am so grateful to have met her on my wellbeing journey. She is an incredible cranio-sacral therapist with genuine healing hands- but she’s also so much more. The diversity of experience and modalities that she is able to bring into a session makes her treatments truly unique. She meets me where I’m at and is able to tap into what my whole being needs. She has helped me re-set my nervous system and create new neural pathways! How lucky am I! Penelope is also wonderful with children.”
– Lana Hindmarch

Head, Heart and Body:
Ellie’s healing covers the whole system: head, heart and body. I explored cranio in late 2020 while undergoing multiple life changes and came across Ellie and her sanctuary in Houtbay. My healing has been phenomenal and attributed to her being fully present in the sessions with her intuition, her life experience and her healing hands. I leave the sessions relaxed yet fully aware to all of me, head, heart and body. The initial sessions were intense and we both had to work quite hard, I am now in maintenance mode and keeping a great balance. Keep doing what you doing, most appreciated I am grateful for the healing you do.”
– Junaid Allie

Yoga with Penelope:
Whilst I enjoy active yoga at gym I find I leave a yoga session with Penelope feeling destressed, calm and happy. I love her warm and patient, guiding instruction and the special attention to breathwork and gentle stretching relaxes me. I highly recommend Penelope’s brand of yoga.”
– Julie Collett

My Healing Journey:
Lockdown! I had to start teaching online – and so I did. Such a colourful world – such creation. Creating online content was exhilarating. Going back to the classroom after lockdown was like going back to the 1900s, spewing out black-and-white worksheets. Ticking the boxes set out by the Department of Education. I fell down a rabbit hole of routine: masks, sanitising, screening, alternate days for kids, an altered curriculum … therefore more admin. My mind became numb, I felt trapped. That is when I sought out craniosacral therapy … with a twist. I went to Penelope with a yearning to heal my mind and my soul. As I walked into Ellie’s garden, it started drizzling. This I saw as symbolic of my rejuvenation. As I entered her yurt-like haven, the clouds burst open, and the rain came pouring down around us. I was warm inside as I lay down for my first craniosacral therapy session. Silence and love. Nurturing and touch. Who would have known it would feel so good to lie and be held. Penelope works intuitively. She is a healer. She opens up channels … The next day, below an email that Penelope sent me – just checking in – I received an email from an online support website (supporting teachers and parents with the CAPS curriculum, developing worksheets and videos for all grades). I sent my CV. I got the job. I created my dream job, and I am currently working from home, creating content – and loving every bit of it. Thank you, Penelope, for opening up the channels. I feel heard. I feel replenished. I am awake.”
– Thalia Hansen

Healing Heart:
What makes treatments with Penn is it’s not just her healing hands – it’s her healing heart and spirit. Her Wisdom and insights add another dimension to her sessions that make them profound and powerful beyond words. I am so grateful for my sessions, I always look forward to the next one and the shifts that have happened through consistent treatments as been incredible. I so recommend Penn – she is an amazing healer because it comes from her heart in addition to her healing hands.”
– Jo Marsh

“Its a blissful, calm and lighter being the floats out of Penelope’s cranio sacral treatments. Her finely honed skills and superb intuitive powers have guided my being through release on all levels. She works with the highest integrity and a truly caring touch, re-aligning my body to release stress, tension and pain as if by ‘magic’.”
– Chris Tokalon

The Lightness of a Healing Touch:
To be honest, I was nervous to start the journey with Penelope, which was why i so clearly needed to start. I didn’t know what to expect in my first session and it WAS an intense experience for me – an explosion, a release, the raging rivers of conversations and conflicts in my head steadied, my frantic internal dialogue quietened with her gentle, nourishing touch. I was so surprised how calm, clear and light I felt afterwards and days afterwards – it definitely was a revelation to me. Penelope has a natural intuition, coupled with a deep dedication to healing, unwavering commitment to her craft and a huge generosity of spirit – the healing continues and nourishes, thank to you!”
– Nina Schiodt

Profound And Deeply Nourishing!:
I had no idea what to expect. Left Penelope’s treatment room nourished and deeply deeply relaxed. Months of work-related stress had left me feeling tired and imbalanced. Penelope’s healing hands and calming energy aligned me and left me feeling absolutely blissed. Been for all sorts of treatments. This is special and so enjoyable. I feel everybody with crazy jobs need to know that this is available. Next session is booked. Thank you! It was magic.”
– Michaela Gabriel

I’m so grateful I met her:
I went to see Ellie (Penelope) for my depression. She’s exceptionally skilled at facilitating deep emotional release work. I saw her weekly for a couple months and it helped immensely. She was an integral part of my healing process. She’s also extremely intuitive. It’s hard to explain how helpful this is to the entire process. Somehow she’s able to intensely connect with you, see you, and see what’s going on… what’s hindering your wellness and what you need to restore and rejuvenate yourself. She’s amazing! Go see her!”
– Tami Solomon

Penelope is a gifted healer. I am a lover of healing and healers and have explored a variety of healing modalities for over two decades. It is hard to describe a session which works on levels outside logic – her sessions will leave you with a solid feeling of something deep moving, in a really phenomenal way. This, at least for me, is a trait of those who are dedicated and masters within their specialisation. She is a good human too – that might be all you needed to hear ;-)”
– Brett Simpson

The death of my mother was the beginning of many deaths and rebirths . Penelope’s timely intervention at that difficult time of transition was life changing.I initially thought CST would help with the grieving process, then I realized that so much more was shifting. Penelope has a deeply intuitive, gentle approach, and her strength in holding one’s vulnerabilities in this process of going deep into the body and psyche is quite phenomenal. Her insight and practical wisdom from lived experience offers guidance to deal with what comes up. The treatment journey opened me up to hearing, seeing, feeling and finding my way again. I am deeply grateful.”
– Jane Appleby

Healing Angel:
I have been going to CST sessions with Penelope for the last year on and off and can not recommend her enough, she is a beautiful intuitive healer and gorgeous human being! I used to have frequent migraines and nerve pain in my arm from yoga which have completely disappeared. My body LOVES going to her, it goes into a deep state of healing and relaxation as soon as her healing hands touch my body and I leave in a state of bliss! As a transformational coach I often refer my clients to Penelope so we can work as a team, integrating all levels (body, heart/soul and mind) towards the client’s balance and wellbeing.”
– San Silbernagl

Life Before And After Therapy:
I can’t thank you enough dear Penelope for your beautiful way of helping people including me. I was lucky to experience your magic hands and healing power. Always something I look forward to because I know it works.”
– Veronika

A New Life Full Of Energy Thanks To Penelope:
I live over 12,000km from Penelope, and yet her work as a healing angel has reached me. I was feeling low, no energy, struggling with self confidence and every attempt I made to try and get stronger again just didn’t work. I messaged Penelope, she asked about my symptoms. She took time to fully understand what was wrong, how the last 6 months had been for me. And then wow! The suggestions and advice she gave me were incredible. I could tell the depth of knowledge she has on holistic health, it was wonderful to learn so much from her. I took her advice, and 2 weeks later and I am just about back to my old self. My mojo is back thanks to Penelope! So even if you can’t physically go to Penelope, she can still be your healing angel via zoom and WhatsApp. It’s Well worth being.”
– Sasha MacSween

Even Others Noticed My Change In Energy!:
I had never heard of craniosacral therapy and for the first 20 minutes, was still scriptural (even though I’m very woo already 😉 ). However, then I drifted off and didn’t remember anything until Penelope softly woke me up. I walked out that door feeling fabulous, exuding confidence and guys whistling and hollering all of a sudden. Wow! I felt like Goddess! I returned for a second and third time and each time left completely recharged. Penelope’s calming and soothing energy did the rest! 100% recommend to anyone!”
– Jennifer Schlueter

Healing Hands:
When I met Penelope almost a year ago it was after seeing numerous health therapists to deal with a mysterious physical issue with no success in finding answers that I needed. It took the incredible healing power of craniosacral therapy and Penelope’s powerful intuition and guidance to help me shift the emotional, physical and spiritual blocks that manifested as my physical condition. The regular treatments with Penelope have allowed me the safe, non-judgemental, healing space I’ve needed to explore my own being. I have always found it difficult to relax completely and the treatments have given me the gift of complete relaxation. The feeling of being held by loving, nurturing hands helped my body to release deep emotional wounds that I’ve been carrying for a long time. My physical condition has improved dramatically and my energy has increased. My relationships have even improved because of my own growth. I feel transformed in so many ways. Thank you, Pen, for being the gentle, loving, wise being that you are!”
– Tamryn

Penelope Is Truly A Healing Marvel:
I cannot say enough about Penelope & her craniosacral treatments. When treatment starts, I automatically go into a state of deep healing, with the profound effects being both short- and long-term. Everything feels in balance, and my body goes to states of healing I’ve never experienced before. Truly a remarkable service that is being offered here. Thank you Penelope!”
– Michael Rosen

Handled with Care:
I have been receiving treatment from Penny for 18 months. I have experienced a profound journey of healing, self- awareness and expansion through her nourishing support, intuitive approach and knowledgeable feedback. She has assisted me in releasing blockages allowing flow and a state of balance to occur. Her work has been highly beneficial, giving me a better quality of life.”
– Caryn Venter

Body and Head:
Both my head and body have been in dire need of treatment for some time. (My head for anxiety and stress and my body from injury and stiffness.) With her CS therapy Penelope has done amazing work in both areas. Not only has it really helped but the treatment itself is wonderfully calming and relaxing.”
– David Kohler

Penelope van Maasdyk:
Penelope came into my life at just the right time, unaware of just how profound those subtle changes were to become,she guided me towards myself and now I feel more myself than ever before. She is a master at her craft. Cranial sacral therapy (light thought therapy)can change lives and that is what her hands have done. Everyone should be blessed with a session from her. I am truly thankful to have had sessions with her and will continue to do so.”
– Berneen Eigner

Healing Hands Healing My Frazzled Nervous System:
I was unable to join Penelope in her studio and so she invited me to her home under the milkwoods. I had read about Cranio Sacral therapy and wondered why it took me so long to try it and so I found myself gently lying on her bed surrounded by nature. The moment she held my head in her hands, I started to feel a deep sense of release, little neurons firing off under her gentle guidance. I was suddenly aware of my entire nervous system, frazzled but alive and the gentle twitches continued until I awoke refreshed and exceptionally clear. Looking into the trees above I felt a sense of deep release and peace. What I became most aware of, were the vibrant colours, the lightness of being and the he sense that something profound had happened. What felt like a normal session to my amazement when I got home, I realised that I had been on her bed for over 2 hours. I cannot really describe what happened fully in that time suffice to say, my heart felt deeply at peace and wide open. I climbed into bed aware that little tingling sensations were firing all over my body. I slept. Penelope offered with her heart and soul the loving touch of a great carer and nurturer, her gentleness exudes through her hands and her integrity was felt in every pore. I would highly recommend this nurturing healer. Thank you Penelope.”
– Michelle Concar

A Healing Unicorn:
Penelope has changed my life with her beautiful healing. She is truly a gifted angel walking this earth. Cranio Sacral therapy is the most gentle yet intense, deep and healing treatment I have ever experienced. She has helped me heal and grow in so many ways and helped me heal scars I have been carrying through life. I am forever grateful.”
– Jorja Scott

Je Voulais Essayer:
J’ai eu 3 seances avec Penelope car je voulais essayer cette trherapie(je suis praticien en bioresonance en France et Inde) et j’ai ete surpris des bienfaits de cette therapie. Penelope est tres a l’ecoute et tres professionelle. Je vous la recomande variement. Un grand merci Penelope tu m’a fais un grand bien ….. Philippe de France/Inde.”
– Philippe

Well Worth Waiting For:
Penelope is lovely. A warm intuitive healer. I am writing this recommendation 9 months after my treatment – enough time has passed to know that her cranial sacred treatment has had a profound effect on my life. I can only describe it as feeling like tutonic plates in my brain, shifted into an alignment that opened my mind and soul to my authentic way of being. I have explored different types of therapy over many years, but Penelope’s intuition and healing hands have truly been the my most necessary and profound.”
– Jaine Hannath

Best Healing Therapy Ever:
I’d never heard of craniosacral therapy before. I was struggling with PTSD & lack of sleep. A friend recommended I see Pen. I made an appointment and visited her town rooms. The best sleep ever within 15 minutes I was out. I had a second treatment at her home location and can honestly say I walked away refreshed and feeling balanced. I highly recommend this form of therapy for you.”
– Andrea Elliott

The treatments I have had with Penelope have been the most relaxing I have ever had. It felt to me like Penelope was a conduit to cosmic bliss. She didn’t get in the way. She was the connection to an amazing flow of energy which soothed and nurtured my nerves. Penelope helped me remember how amazing our bodies! Thank you Penelope!”
– Caryn Eigner

Heavenly Experience:
Penelope has an incredible gift of bringing alignment and a sense of peace to one’s body, mind and soul. My experiences with her have been out of this world. It is hard to put it into words. It is simply magical and the therapy brings comfort and wholeness – a deep sense of well being and peace to one as a whole.”
– Ursula Scholtz

A Natural:
I was lucky enough to be one of Pen’s “case studies” when she was studying – what a luck and what a privilege! I have since enjoyed a number of effective treatments, and can highly recommend her for her intuitive healing and insightful wisdom. I will be back for more!
– Judith Brebner

A Different Kind of Fix:
I’d like to share my gratitude, to an extremely caring, warm, insightful and generous human being. Penelope has, with her Craniosacral skills assisted my mind, body and soul to begin a journey of healing and inner peace. Thank you very much Penelope for this and your friendship.”
– Mark Dayton

Just Wow:
Penelope was recommended to me by a friend for a pinched nerve in my neck, which was affecting my whole left arm. Not having had a Craniosacral treatment before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, I was in heaven. Not only did the pain lessen dramatically after just one session, but my entire body and mind, was drifting on cloud nine for a few hours afterwards. I would highly recommend anyone in pain or discomfort book an appointment without delay. I will be having regular treatments myself, just because I feel so amazing for the rest of the day!”
– Rene Matthews

Craniosacral Treatments:
After just the first session It felt like if I was ‘back on track’ with my body perception, inner dialogue, space awareness and proprioception. The space Penelope provides together with her dedication, competence, gentle approach and her presence allowed me to sink into myself and to restart from a different basis. Craniosacral theraphy is indeed an inner journey. Thank you Penelope, I feel blessed!”
– Marco Giorgetti

Penelope is a Fantastic Healer:
Penelope is deeply committed to the art and science of healing. She puts Spirit first, and brings depth and fierce devotion to her work. I felt amazing after my sessions, and was given clarity on what it is i need to work with. Thanks Penelope, keep it up.”
– Angus Douglas

“I can highly recommend Penelope van Maasdyk as a multi faceted therapist. Penelope holds a warm and heartfelt space and with her intuition guides you emotionally and physically through what is needed to come out with clarity and insight in your process towards wholeness.”
– Dr Sandra Smit

Let me fall if I must. The one I will become will catch me.

Mystic and healer, the Ba’al Shem Tov

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