Integral Coaching

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.”
– Galileo Galilei

There are so many coaches and courses and teachers and trainers. So, why me?

A space where wisdom, knowledge & intuition merge:
I have been seeing Penelope for over a year, starting with Cranio Sacral treatments for pain, then also seeing her for Life Coaching sessions. In both cases I felt held in compassion, and in a space where deep wisdom, knowledge & intuition merged. Penelope is super authentic – she doesn’t mince words but in that she is loving and cares for her clients after the session and in my case has since become a deep friendship. She has an incredible library of knowledge in her head which she readily shares with enthusiasm. I have experienced some major shifts in my life with Penelope’s guidance. I definitely recommend her healing, compassionate, wise input for anyone wishing to feel better in mind body & spirit.” – Angie Lockets

I am a PCC Certified Integral Coach (UCT Graduate School of Business) offering a space for you to open your intuitive mind and compassionate heart to your own embodied path and purpose. Knowing the path is not the same as walking the path which makes it important to use your unique inner wisdom to embark on an experiential process of discovery and creation of the path less trodden: to step onto the road meant only for you. No one map works for all and no one modality or therapist or training or healing can offer a match for every unique individual.

I don’t heal you, fix you or tell you which mountains need climbing. The Chinese symbols for listening are an 👂🏻 and a ♥️ Thus, through opening my heart in deep listening, I can help you find the questions for the answers you already hold inside and together we can co-create the map that best narrates your passage. Together we can talk it so that you get to walk it. If you have answered an inner calling or simply stumbled on this site, this is the first step on this particular journey for you, which may or may not become a second or third step. So glance over my website to get a sense of who I am and, if you feel you have come to the right place for what you are working with, book a call with me to test chemistry and whether we are both comfortable to Camino together.

Studying Coaching for Development at the UCT Graduate School of Business, followed by their Professional Coaching Course, feels not so much like a new beginning for me but rather a consolidation of all my beginnings; a process of unbecoming who I was taught to be in order to journey back to the me I was born to be. Someone once said, if you find yourself in the wrong story, leave, and I have left behind so many versions of who I was and taken many a hero’s journey to arrive back again with new eyes, new vision and different contents in my backpack.

You become whole by being witnessed.

The language we use programs our brain and shapes our reality … and consequently the perspective we hold of our environment. What you term your ‘nature’ is essentially a degree of bondage to your conditioning. There is a bridge between where you are and where you want to be and a possibility to untether yourself from the conditioning that holds you back or keeps you in a redundant or detrimental story. By using a guide in this process, you can identify and use the tools and materials you have in order to build the bridge to the future you desire. No one can become who they need to be by remaining who they are. Sometimes it takes crisis and sometimes curiosity; always it takes change.

Change your language and you change your thoughts.

Karl Albrecht

Narratives get maintained by ignoring certain incongruent or inconvenient observed realities which may result in an unwitting plotting of a life map based erroneously on a story or a mantra that is not one’s own. Since the map is not the territory, the waymarkers of the subconscious and unconscious minds can drive a definition or identity that is impossible to align with the inevitable changes that occur in every moment of being. Re-membering is coming back to presence through the body and remembering the circle is the third element that encloses the all.

My Healing Journey:
Lockdown! I had to start teaching online – and so I did. Such a colourful world – such creation. Creating online content was exhilarating. Going back to the classroom after lockdown was like going back to the 1900s, spewing out black-and-white worksheets. Ticking the boxes set out by the Department of Education. I fell down a rabbit hole of routine: masks, sanitising, screening, alternate days for kids, an altered curriculum … therefore more admin. My mind became numb, I felt trapped. That is when I sought out craniosacral therapy … with a twist. I went to Penelope with a yearning to heal my mind and my soul. As I walked into Ellie’s garden, it started drizzling. This I saw as symbolic of my rejuvenation. As I entered her yurt-like haven, the clouds burst open, and the rain came pouring down around us. I was warm inside as I lay down for my first craniosacral therapy session. Silence and love. Nurturing and touch. Who would have known it would feel so good to lie and be held. Penelope works intuitively. She is a healer. She opens up channels … The next day, below an email that Penelope sent me – just checking in – I received an email from an online support website (supporting teachers and parents with the CAPS curriculum, developing worksheets and videos for all grades). I sent my CV. I got the job. I created my dream job, and I am currently working from home, creating content – and loving every bit of it. Thank you, Penelope, for opening up the channels. I feel heard. I feel replenished. I am awake.” – Thalia Hansen

Sometimes the embodiment of our true self is beneath a lifetime of injury, trauma, addiction, illness, and subsequent compensation. Sometimes we have forgotten who it is we were born to be. Sometimes we have fought so hard to live a life for others we have lost connection to the life we are meant to live for ourselves. Because we come from stardust and are rooted in matter, we are nature embodied; an accumulation of the universe from the dawning of time till the death of humanity. When you realise this, you will let go of the beliefs you have created as an armoured suit around your soul and you will be able to live according to your full potential.

If you bring forth what is inside you, what you bring forth will save you. If you don’t bring forth what is inside you, what you don’t bring forth can destroy you.


I am an explorer, a pioneer and a pilgrim. I have learnt through experience that the greatest adventures—on mountains and in life—come from losing the path sometimes so that the less obvious pathways can be found. You see, it isn’t about never getting lost, losing balance or never becoming dysregulated or diseased but about recognising this reality in the moment and starting again by bringing yourself back to the practice … by always starting again from zero, right here, where you are. I have a life purpose to help people get lost in order to find a new way.

In keeping with this, I would like to invite you on an exploration–a pilgrimage–towards your innate health and inherent intelligence, so you are better able to understand that which is blocking your way and better equipped to decide what to do with it. Obstacles are not intended to necessarily turn you back and can be used instead as a ratcheting open of your curiosity to the inner resourcing you can recruit in order to travel beyond them.

When you begin to recognise and identify your pain, you have begun the journey to healing, and when you acknowledge and honour your wound you have heeded the call to your gift. Our process together is not primarily about adding anything but rather about discovering those things you already are so you can rediscover your connection with yourself and the unique medicine you were born to gift to the world. We aren’t here to be perfect, we are here to heal, and in healing we recognise we only had to begin.

What I offer is an authentic expression of who I am so that you can find the same in yourself. Through bespoke coaching that may include a combination of movement, writing, talking, trauma release, meditation, nature trails and light touch therapy, we will co-create a new narrative and, in doing so, find a route to your innate purpose. This is your opportunity to shed the layers of who you’re not and find the courage to stand naked in the clothes you were born to wear so you can re-enter the world, your community and your immediate family with renewed vitality, confidence and calm.

Sooner or later we must realise there is no station, no one place to arrive at once and for all. The true joy of life is the trip.

Robert Hastings

It’s a revolutionary act healing your past so that you can change your current reality to live more fully in the present … it’s a revolutionary act defying what society says you should be so that you can be free to be who you really are … it’s a revolutionary act to untether yourself from your belief systems and ratchet your psyche open so fully that you are no longer an isolated individual but a part of the entire universal flow.

This is a holistic adventure that can neither be prescribed nor predicted so give me a call or send me an email or complete the online form, and take the first step on an unknown journey. To travel well is better than to arrive and to arrive is not necessarily about being anywhere or anyone new but in seeing the place and knowing oneself differently.