CranioSacral Therapy

Listen to your symptoms as these are your body’s messengers and your inner guide to health.

Craniosacral Therapy is an anatomical healing modality that treats the whole being as both a unique individual with an independent biosphere and as a being on an evolutionary journey from that source to become part of a consciousness of zero separation. In the form I practise it it is not prescriptive but functional; not static but in harmony with the system I tap into. With light-touch palpation and perception techniques, I use Craniosacral Therapy to re-orientate your body’s innate ability to reveal the trapped forces that underlie and drive trauma and dis-ease in your body, thereby awakening your system’s deep healing intelligence.

“I have been going to CST sessions with Penelope for the last year on and off and can not recommend her enough, she is a beautiful intuitive healer and gorgeous human being! I used to have frequent migraines and nerve pain in my arm from yoga which have completely disappeared. My body LOVES going to her, it goes into a deep state of healing and relaxation as soon as her healing hands touch my body and I leave in a state of bliss! As a transformational coach I often refer my clients to Penelope so we can work as a team, integrating all levels (body, heart/soul and mind) towards the client’s balance and wellbeing.”San

People say I have a magical touch. I sense this is because when I hold a client it is as though I am holding the entire cosmos as I tap into, blend with, and channel the entire being on all levels and layers of consciousness – physical, vital, mental and psychic. What appeals to me most about this therapy is that it is anatomically based – it gives me an anchor for my academic mind – and yet it encompasses the intelligence of the universal blueprint. What appeals most to my clients is that it’s not about tweaking, twisting, cracking and manipulating the system back into compliance in order to continue ‘business as usual’, but rather a re-training of what the body was born to know so that they re-member their own capacity to self-heal.

The pain you feel is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

Kahlil Gibran

Everything the senses are exposed to leaves an imprint on the cells of the body, which carries information from as far back as conception, so what seem to be physical issues can often be found to be deeply-rooted in unresolved emotional and spiritual problems. Any injury or dis-ease in the body can create compensations that effect how the individual grows and lives. Treatment as early as possibly is, therefore, crucial to prevent long-term compensations.

When the system has compensated for a period of time it creates a new fulcrum within the injury, wound, dis-ease or trauma. But this is not a static state, simply a state of pause, often coinciding with a diagnosis of sorts. Clients sometimes book Craniosacral Therapy after having had more ‘severe’ work done because of long forgotten pains that have once again emerged for healing. What I find sometimes occurs in these cases is that the more radical work has aligned the body out of harmony with the newfound homeostasis that the system has worked on for years to find comfort.

“I went to see Ellie (Penelope) for my depression. She’s exceptionally skilled at facilitating deep emotional release work. I saw her weekly for a couple months and it helped immensely. She was an integral part of my healing process. She’s also extremely intuitive. It’s hard to explain how helpful this is to the entire process. Somehow she’s able to intensely connect with you, see you, and see what’s going on… what’s hindering your wellness and what you need to restore and rejuvenate yourself. She’s amazing! Go see her!” Tami

I take time to understand the system and how it is operating and then, using this light touch healing modality, I allow the client’s system to find its harmony and innate health. This often means the focus of my work is not necessarily on eradicating the compensations which can quickly put the body back into a state of dis-harmony; it can also involve assessing the degree of the compensation and working in small increments to either bring the body back to the original balance or to work with the system in a way that it finds health, ease and harmony within the compensation.

There is often an expectation that happiness, health and vitality can only be achieved through the alleviation of dis-ease and an attainment of a sense of balance, yet I find it’s in the acceptance of the dualities that exist within flow that true harmony can be found. When a body has dis-ease it has an innate capacity to find ease and it’s in the dance towards that quest for rhythm that you find the songs your body wants play.

Humility is a side effect of sincerely seeking the truth where you care more about learning something that you haven’t known before rather than being right.

Charles Eisenstein

It takes courage to heal and I understand that this in itself needs to be treated with great care and compassion; this is what I was born for. I bring a lot – besides an open heart, mind and hands – to the table when treating you. When I work with you and your health, the first session is exploratory and we get to learn about each other and if we walk well together on this healing path. After that, I request a commitment of at least three to seven sessions to explore the inner and outer landscapes of your being so as to better integrate this rites of passage experience.

Each body has its own stories; my job is to listen–to hear its stories as clearly as possible, and to respond effectively. When I hold into your system (CNS)–mind, body, soul and spirit–I am not doing anything to fix you. Instead I am offering a safe space for your being to surrender into its innate ability to heal by giving you the containment for your own internal forces to find their outer limits and, in doing so, define a way to organise themselves.

From my heart to my hands to your health.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

The Buddha

Who can benefit?
Because Craniosacral Therapy accesses the individual’s underlying health, there is no ailment that it cannot help ease or cure. Craniosacral Therapy is also excellent as a preventive therapy because it can facilitate the resolution of imbalances within a system that the individual may not even be consciously aware of. Treatment can begin at birth and can be used throughout life; receiving this healing therapy can exponentially improve the body’s resistance to ailments and increase its ability to heal.

What can I expect during a session?
You remain fully clothed on the table while I work with adept skill and intuition, using a light-touch palpation technique on different parts of your body for several minutes at a time. You may feel heat, cold, changes in breathing, tingling or pulsing sensations. Memories, visions and traumas can also emerge with depth of therapy. It can be emotional as well as deeply restful so it is beneficial for you to stay tuned into all these sensations, which are ultimately a guide towards your own unique healing process.

Craniosacral Therapy for Children
From the moment of conception, a child’s life is a whirlwind of change and development. Restrictions arising during birth and childhood may result in difficulties, which are often simply dismissed as attention disorders. Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle approach, which children respond to well and, because they have not created such deep compensations in their bodies, they often experience immediate release. Craniosacral Therapy also affords them the important process of being aware of, and responsible for, their own physical and emotional wellbeing.

How long is a session?
Ideally a 120-minute session should be booked for the first two appointments followed by 90-minute appointments. 60-minute ‘top-up’ treatments can be booked after several months. Approximately 80% of the time is on the table. This is a dynamic modality that brings greater awareness to the body’s innate healing ability, which begins on the table and can continue for several days after a session. Leave enough time afterwards to resource with rest, water, and attention to the subtle changes taking place in your body.

How many treatments are necessary?
It is always dependent on what level of dis-ease, discomfort or dysregulation we are working to resolve, or adapt to. As a guideline, I suggest committing to 3-7 treatments as some conditions resolve quickly and some are deeply-rooted and can take more sessions to shift. You can start with bi-weekly or weekly sessions and gradually reduce to bi-monthly, monthly and so forth. As a preventative therapy, you can schedule sessions weekly or bi-monthly, indefinitely.

Do I need to book a single modality?
No, not necessarily. Because the body functions as a whole and because this is a client-led therapy, focus may be on areas other than where symptoms occur and you may find that the reason you came for treatment is not what changes first. Because I offer a broad range of specialised modalities I guide clients on their own path to health through bespoke sessions that also include Integral Coaching, Dynamic Meditation, Transformational Yoga, Somatic Release, Nature Immersion, Water Therapy and tuning fork resonance therapy.

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I do not prescribe or diagnose – any recommendations are suggestions only.