Who am I?

“Freedom demands that you go your own way though the world calls you mad for it.”
– Jay Griffiths, Wild

The quintessential question, not intended to concretise an identity but instead to open to curiosity. Who I am is that which manifests in any given moment, open to change with every meeting, experience, crisis and healing. I am an energetic accumulation of my life force, my experiences, my research, my studies, my connections and my family tree; I am you in me and I am me in you.

“Penelope is a gifted healer. I am a lover of healing and healers and have explored a variety of healing modalities for over two decades. It is hard to describe a session which works on levels outside logic – her sessions will leave you with a solid feeling of something deep moving, in a really phenomenal way. This, at least for me, is a trait of those who are dedicated and masters within their specialisation. She is a good human too – that might be all you needed to hear ;-)” – Brett Simpson

Joan Didion said you should be on nodding terms with some of the people you used to be but, for me, I can barely be on nodding terms with some of the people I am … so I kill them off like serial suicide. The death of a seed is the final death for that seed, but life emerges from each and every death–and from each and every seed–with appropriate dialogue with the universe. There are no endings, only beginnings, so if you want to have new birth, new revelation, new insight into life as you grow, you will have to learn to keep dying until you emerge exactly as the seed intended you to be. 

Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into what we are doing.


I have journeyed far to this point of unbecoming in order to become certain aspects of therapist, coach and teacher. In-between studying Developmental Psychology in my 20s and Functional Craniosacral Practitioner in my 40s, I worked in Investment Banking, Human Resources, Consulting, NGOs (grief counselling and literacy programs), Social Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Writing (published a book and blog) and Mentoring. I have studied Psychic Development and I am ongoing student of Jung Psychology and Vedanta, fascinated by the overlay and the interplay of the ancient and the modern, mythological and scientific. I am a qualified Integral Coach (UCT Graduate School of Business) and also a certified 500-hour teacher of TIME Meditation and additionally Transformational Yoga (SriMa International School of Yoga).

I live over 12,000km from Penelope, and yet her work as a healing angel has reached me. I was feeling low, no energy, struggling with self confidence and every attempt I made to try and get stronger again just didn’t work. I messaged Penelope, she asked about my symptoms. She took time to fully understand what was wrong, how the last 6 months had been for me. And then wow! The suggestions and advice she gave me were incredible. I could tell the depth of knowledge she has on holistic health, it was wonderful to learn so much from her. I took her advice, and 2 weeks later and I am just about back to my old self. My mojo is back thanks to Penelope! So even if you can’t physically go to Penelope, she can still be your healing angel via zoom and WhatsApp. It’s Well worth being.” – Sasha MacSween

A life purpose is not something we choose but rather something that chooses us and mine has emerged as a devotee to transformation. Having studied continuously for three decades, whilst also navigating my inner landscapes as much as the outer dynamics of my soul environment, I have come to believe that healing is akin to a quest; a soul’s call to adventure that you ignore at your own peril. It is a journey into both fascinating and frightening places that you have no choice but to take, despite the uncertainty of the destination. Yet you do this not solely for self but for your entire community.

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.


I have travelled a long path to healing myself so I bring to my therapy space a deeper understanding and empathy for each individual’s unique yet universal journey towards health, balance, purpose and vitality. I’m not the healing angel who will wipe your tears and tell you everything will be ok, because often it won’t be. I’m the healing angel who will pick you up, dust you down, hand you your sword and show you how to be ok with everything not being ok. In fact I don’t heal you but rather work with your capacity to harmonise yourself into a state of being that is better equipped to heal itself.

I like to work outside of the construct and use various combinations of my particular skillset to tap into what it is your particular system requires so that you can discover where you are on your unique hero’s journey; what the common threads are that you want to either mend, blend, integrate or burn; how it is you want to inhabit this current manifestation of your current existence, and what your unique blueprint is. This unique combination provides the waymarkers back to your own ease through the portal of your dis-ease; a way that uses the map of your wound to discover the territory of your gift.

“Healing Heart
What makes treatments with Penn is it’s not just her healing hands – it’s her healing heart and spirit. Her Wisdom and insights add another dimension to her sessions that make them profound and powerful beyond words. I am so grateful for my sessions, I always look forward to the next one and the shifts that have happened through consistent treatments as been incredible. I so recommend Penn – she is an amazing healer because it comes from her heart in addition to her healing hands.” – Jo Marsh

Using an integral approach I work with the wholeness of your entire system, tapping into my broad life experience and self-development, supplemented by research and additional studies in nutrition, meditation, shamanism, quantum physics, neuroanatomy and a variety of practices. I take each individual I treat on a journey to their own unique place of innate health which means a session with me will include a holistic investigation into the ways in which you can better resource your system as well as curious inquiry that allows you to develop a deeper understanding of your own particular equilibrium and how best to either recalibrate it or befriend it; both ultimately forms of resolution and recovery.

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realise there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

Lao Tzu

Who I am is the person this pilgrimage has made of me and, although my purpose for now has found me, the journey towards it keeps spiralling and gathering in an ever-expanding process of increased awareness, shifting perspectives. A Hero’s Journey is never a once-off pilgrimage but a seeking, initiation and return that beckons each time a challenge that pulls forth a shift, a purification, a rebirth or a review of one’s current belief in one’s reality.

Sometimes lost, always exploring, I believe that to travel well is better than to arrive. The modalities I use remind me of who I am and why I’m here and, in coming back to me I can guide you back to you on this beautiful pilgrimage I call your Soul Camino

My boots 🥾 are always ready.
Are yours?

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