How I Work

“The pain you feel is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”  – Kahlil Gibran

It takes courage to heal and I understand that this in itself needs to be treated with great care and compassion; this is what I was born for.

What I most love about this therapy is that it’s not about tweaking, twisting, cracking and manipulating your system back into compliance so you can continue ‘business as usual’, but rather a re-training of what the body was born to know. With light-touch palpation and perception techniques, I use CST to re-orientate your body’s innate ability to reveal the trapped forces that underlie and drive trauma and dis-ease in your body, thereby awakening your system’s deep healing intelligence.

As a long-term student of psychology, I believe there is a place for talk therapy. But I also believe that talk therapy has the potential to condition the mind to reinforce one’s narrative. I have studied and worked with different modalities and have chosen to focus on Craniosacral Therapy because of its capacity to release physical and emotional trauma from the system on a somatic level. But, whilst my focus is on Craniosacral Therapy, I bring to the table a lifetime of experience, research, studies, self-development and a variety of practices, which means a session with me will include a holistic investigation into the ways in which you can better resource your system as well as curious inquiry that allows you to develop a deeper understanding of your own particular equilibrium and how best to either recalibrate it or befriend it; both ultimately forms of resolution and recovery.

I like to work outside of the construct and use various combinations of my particular skillset to tap into what it is your particular system requires so that you can discover how it is you want to inhabit this current manifestation of your current existence. This unique combination provides the way markers back to your own ease through the portal of your dis-ease.

Blocks and unwelcome emotions may be uncomfortable but they are the guides to where you ideally want to live. Because inherent health is reflected in the fluids of the body, my work is to tap into the subtle tidal flow and act as a mirror to your process, reflecting back to your system where the blocks are and where the flow is. This tide points to the root cause of the problem and can, therefore,guide me to treat a different part of the body to the original problem.

When the system has compensated for a period of time it creates a new fulcrum within the injury, wound, dis-ease or trauma. Clients sometimes book CST after having had more ‘severe’ work done because of long forgotten pains that have once again emerged for healing. What I find sometimes occurs in these cases is that the more radical work has aligned the body out of harmony with the newfound homeostasis that the system has worked on for years to find comfort.

I take time to understand the system and how it is operating and then, using this light touch healing modality, I allow the client’s system to find its harmony and innate health. This often means the focus of my work is not necessarily on eradicating the compensations which can quickly put the body back into a state of dis-harmony; it can also involve assessing the degree of the compensation and working in small increments to either bring the body back to the original balance or to work with the system in a way that it finds health, ease and harmony within the compensation.

Health is not the absence of disease but its integration, to paraphrase Nietzsche. 

I bring a lot, besides an open heart, mind and hands, to the table when treating you. When I work with you and your health, the first session is exploratory and we get to learn about each other and if we walk well together on this healing path. After that, I request (but don’t expect) a commitment of at least five to seven sessions to explore the inner and outer landscapes of your being so as to better integrate this rites of passage experience. Each session is one and a half hours; each session continues to work way beyond this timeframe. I look forward to working with you and also offer the below Care Packages if check-in calls between sessions is something you feel will be of benefit.

I live over 12,000km from Penelope, and yet her work as a healing angel has reached me. I was feeling low, no energy, struggling with self confidence and every attempt I made to try and get stronger again just didn’t work. I messaged Penelope, she asked about my symptoms. She took time to fully understand what was wrong, how the last 6 months had been for me. And then wow! The suggestions and advice she gave me were incredible. I could tell the depth of knowledge she has on holistic health, it was wonderful to learn so much from her. I took her advice, and 2 weeks later and I am just about back to my old self. My mojo is back thanks to Penelope! So even if you can’t physically go to Penelope, she can still be your healing angel via zoom and WhatsApp. It’s Well worth being.”
– Sasha MacSween

Wellness Warehouse Magazine October to December 2021
From my heart to my hands to your heart …

“Healing Heart
What makes treatments with Penn is it’s not just her healing hands – it’s her healing heart and spirit. Her Wisdom and insights add another dimension to her sessions that make them profound and powerful beyond words. I am so grateful for my sessions, I always look forward to the next one and the shifts that have happened through consistent treatments as been incredible. I so recommend Penn – she is an amazing healer because it comes from her heart in addition to her healing hands.”
– Jo Marsh

Care Packages will allow you to tailor-make how you would like to structure your shedding and your becoming through this time, with three options detailed below to allow you to find the right alignment of time, budget and healing requirements. The below examples are simply a guideline; we can decide together what structure best suits your requirements.


Two Hours
With this appointment you will receive a short facilitated ‘Shaking Medicine’ session followed by a Craniosacral Therapy treatment.
Total cost: R 1,200


Half Day / Four Hours
With this package you will receive a focused Integral Coaching session, guided Meditation and/or herbal tea and a Craniosacral Therapy treatment.
Total cost: R 2,500


Full Day / Six Hours
This day-long package ca be tailor-made to your requirements but could include a Coaching Walk with snacks or lunch on the mountain, followed by ‘Shaking Medicine’ and a Craniosacral Therapy treatment.
Total cost: R 4,000

Healing is a Revolutionary Act:
Are you Ready?