Costs and Contact

“If you want to know what your future looks like, look at what you’re doing in this very moment.” – Zen Proverb
I work with your system for one and a half hours, for which I charge R850. With children I work for around 45-60 minutes for which I charge R650. Craniosacral Therapy is not a ‘quick-fix’; it is a deep commitment to showing up for yourself in order to open a dialogue with your inner being and find the barriers between your current state and your innate health. I bring full commitment to showing up in my therapy space to assist you in finding your way through your wounds, injuries, discomfort and dis-ease. So the treatments you receive are not limited to the minutes you spend on the table but tap into the thousands of hours I have spent in training, ongoing studies, research and self-development.

“Penelope is a gifted healer. I am a lover of healing and healers and have explored a variety of healing modalities for over two decades. It is hard to describe a session which works on levels outside logic – her sessions will leave you with a solid feeling of something deep moving, in a really phenomenal way. This, at least for me, is a trait of those who are dedicated and masters within their specialisation. She is a good human too – that might be all you needed to hear ;-)”
– Brett Simpson

For any enquiries, contact me on
For urgent enquiries/bookings, you can call/WhatsApp me on 0741011621.
Alternatively, please complete the booking form below and I will contact you to answer your questions and/or schedule an appointment.
I have a practice in Hout Bay. I can travel to you for a negotiated additional fee, based on distance.

Appointments can be secured with an EFT payment prior to your treatment or can be made in cash only on the day. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before a booking will be charged the full session rate.

As a rough guideline, it usually takes three to seven sessions to notice a real shift in your condition, but there are cases where conditions disappear after only one session and there are some conditions that are deeply-rooted and can take more sessions to shift. It is often children who respond rather swiftly as they have not had time to create such deep-seated compensations in their bodies. We can start with bi-weekly or weekly sessions and gradually reduce to bi-monthly, monthly and so forth. At the end of a series of treatments, I will consult with you to determine an on-going therapy plan, where appropriate. As a preventative therapy, a client can schedule sessions weekly or bi-monthly.

“The treatments I have had with Penelope have been the most relaxing I have ever had. It felt to me like Penelope was a conduit to cosmic bliss. She didn’t get in the way. She was the connection to an amazing flow of energy which soothed and nurtured my nerves. Penelope helped me remember how amazing our bodies! Thank you Penelope!”
– Caryn Eigner

Health is not merely the absence of disease; it is an entity in itself – a vitality, a glow, a clarity of mind – an inner pool of resourcing that allows your being to flourish. Book a session with me to find your unique set point, your individual flow, your dynamic health. Tune into your higher self in order to clear away the psychological, emotional and spiritual sludge that is preventing you from living fully and magically in this human form.

Discounted rates can be discussed if scheduling weekly appointments for a minimum of four sessions.

Please contact me if you would like a voucher to gift this therapy to a friend or family member.

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