Transition Pioneer

In mythology it is told that these days were never counted on the calendar because they were meant as a time for pause and reflection. This new lockdown and curfew has brought more of that and there is definitely a feeling of suspension — a holding of breath and a stillness in waiting for something to pass and something new to take its place.

As time moves through the midnight hour at the end of one year and into the next, nothing miraculously changes. It’s just part of a created construct. But that’s not to say that, with intention, attention, ritual and mindful manifestation, you cannot create the change you want.

Writing a new story – for me – means pioneering again and, as the saying goes, the pioneer is the one with the arrows in her back. I’ll take that a step further by tying in the arrows to my posts on wounding as the place one’s  daemon (a.k.a. one’s gift) emerges. And I’m challenged to reflect on how I keep the wound open enough to allow the radiance of my gifts while bandaged enough to protect myself from the energy vampires who bleed me dry. Because my pioneering has almost killed me many times.

But, by pushing into my outer edges of near death, I have found my treasures … and those treasure chests, remember, never come clean out of the ocean depths; they come up encrusted with barnacles and strapped with rusted iron and jammed padlocks. And then accessing that treasure is not simply finding it but also cleaning it up and unlocking it … and it’s the tools one finds or has to develop in this very endeavour that often generate the greatest growth experience.

This year had brought crisis, trauma, destruction, illness, mental health disasters, and death … death that has taken both human kind and human kindness. This year has also brought opportunity through isolation – an uncomfortable and often unbearable pause … a hiatus from which we have had to recreate our stories of who we are. 

And this story writing continues as we spiral through time.

My story has changed dramatically again this year as I have had no choice but to prostrate myself at the alter of my own fallibility and shed the flotsam from my sinking ship. This has included some of the roles I have had to play — dutiful daughter, loyal lover, dumping ground, punching bag, scapegoat child, holder and organiser, gap filler, option — and some of those people who have expected me to fulfil those roles for them because without my part their own identity is compromised.

It’s a lonely journey speaking out from one’s heart, following one’s truth and putting up the necessary boundaries … but I’m building resilience as the earth falls away from under my feet and I hold myself in suspended animation until I can trust the people who have chosen to stay in my life are the ones who can catch me when I allow myself to fall.

Although I know it’s temporary, the hiatus can be excruciating. This ending has been a long one as I transition through the different stories of my life now with space for new leading roles played by people who resonate with the changes the protagonist has been through.

Yes, the pioneer has a lonely journey as misfit, rebel, activist, truth-seeker and orator… but I’d have it no other way. So as I crawl to the finish line with arrows in my back, everything is still the same yet it is different purely through a shift of mentality. Because as we change, the people and activities we resonate with change too and, just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, we grow stronger through our choices and the quality of the connections we make.

Immunity means I am you in Me … so to build immunity over time, let’s not bury human kindness along with everything else this year that has both died and been killed.

E-motion is meant to Move

Inflammation arises as a response to attack on one’s physical body and it promotes a clearing and cleaning of symptoms. If, however, this is consistently neutralised, the hostile toxins get stored in the connective tissues and cause long term degenerative and acute dis-ease.

Now consider this on a psychological level. Unresolved emotional content will show up again and again and, so long as it isn’t engaged with in a way that it can be transformed and e-moted — moved — through the psyche, it will not be transformed into the beneficial immunity, a.k.a. appropriate responses.

Contact me to find harmony in the ebbs and flows of somatic experiences within your system in order to bring to the surface those things that need to get unstuck and begin to move.

Lost in Translation

There are so many layers to life and to living and each layer holds its own combinations of experiences which, themselves, hold clusters of traumas, wounds, injuries and dis-ease.
When someone shows up in my therapy room, it’s generally to deal with the current manifestation of some part of these deeper layers and, generally, they want me to help make it go away,
Some therapists/modalities work at placating the symptoms so that the client feels relief but this tends to be only temporary respite because, unless the underlying issues are sought out, brought to the surface, acknowledged and worked with, symptoms will continue to appear in whatever form the body can use in order to get your attention – ignore the soft grumbles and the body will shout louder next time.
My approach is to see those symptoms as a language the body is using to ask for guidance and to help you to open a dialogue with those symptoms so that they no longer bring fear with them but rather curiosity … an opportunity for a deep dive into the innate wisdom of the body in order to bring authentic listening and subsequent healing.

Contact me if you would like to find a way through the white noise and find a more coherent language to talk to your wounds.

Knowing the path is not the same as walking the path

“In allowing the journey to ‘have us’ we become lost; we lose our usual selves in order to find our original self again. Lost souls are the only ones who ever get found.”
– Michael Meade

What good is a path if it doesn’t take us on a journey beyond that which we already know…?
A quest is a journey you undertake, the destination of which is unknown… a discovery, the process of which means you’ll find things along the way that you weren’t looking for.

What good is a calling if it doesn’t take us on a quest…?
Pilgrimage is an essential part of life for me – it is an outward journey of an inner quest … a journey to a physical destination that takes me on a journey to a spiritual Holy Grail … And it is never complete because each step is different each time I take it, and each outlook is an ever-changing reflection of my inner reality.

What good is an answer if it isn’t preceded by questions…?
As the old proverb says, “Before you begin the journey, you own the journey. Once you have begun, the journey owns you.” Today I began to plan the next journey and – as I now recognise – the searching and the planning in itself is a quest that will change me.

The Grit Becomes the Gift

Most people have heard the ubiquitous story of the oyster and the pearl but not everyone has heard the full story. Myth says that the oyster must first be dredged from the bottom of the darkest ocean and the shell pried open in order to retrieve the pearl. And then, to retain its lustre, it must be polished and kept warm against the skin and its beauty shared with all the world.
The symptom is the grit the psyche uses to create the gift and your gift will shine with a radiance in proportion to the depths you had to dive into your shadow self and the effort you needed to expend in self-development and introspection in order to attend the wounds your being was calling you to heal.
Yes, the sand becomes a pearl … but not without effort, courage, frustration, agitation, patience, willpower and struggle. The oyster isn’t intentionally creating something of beauty; it is merely managing pain in the best way it can to not only survive but to thrive.
So too, when the body alerts you to a wound, work with it … not with expectation of something better, but simply with the acknowledgement that it can be no other way for now.
Step by step and breath by breath be guided to those aspects that can be dredged out of your emotional depths. Work diligently and patiently, work with tenacity and curiosity. And don’t give up because this is the polishing – to ripen and become what you need to be in the world
And once you have recognised what you have brought into the light, find your tribe and share your gift and always remember where and how you received it. This is your initiation and your obligation so that we can all learn and grow together.

Awareness of the Moment

Where did the world go wrong that online platforms are inundated with courses on abundance, positivity, how to find love, etc.
False positivity. Affirmations. Manifestation. These are the buzz words consistently and obsessively touted as the pathway to Happiness.
But, being told to stay positive, find love, manifest your perfect life, all allude to a set of ideal criteria that will make you ‘better’ … which has the sole consequence of making you feel worse.
And what if there really IS no pathway to happiness?
What if happiness already exists in each and every moment?
When you can stop avoiding feeling or being a certain way, happiness is a natural by-product of the contentment that comes with being present to whatever arises and the realisation that perfection lies in ALL of the messiness of life.
What if all you have to do is stop looking for it … and just STOP and LOOK? Abundance was here all along.


Immortality is the new alchemical remedy that is taking the world by storm. The phoenix is the symbol of Immortality and it is often from the ashes that we rise … into a new state of being; everything we have ever wanted to be.
First we must acknowledge what we have dumped on the body — in the process of taking Immortality, old memories and wounds will emerge for acknowledgment, acceptance and release and it is important to honour and traverse each part of this healing. The reward is a younger you — tighter skin, more flexible joints, stronger muscles and bones, youthful energy, and the ability to see what it is that has been preventing you from releasing certain stuck emotions and injuries.
One bottle (R1,500) lasts a month and it’s only necessary to have two bottles initially (with an optional integration gap of a month between bottles) and then one bottle every year or two. Contact me to discuss your healing plan, to order Immortality and to book your Craniosacral Therapy session: O741O11621 or

‘The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.’ ~ C.G. Jung

Nervous System Reset

When trauma is imprinted on the cells of the body – often from childhood abuse, neglect and/or abandonment – an individual may constantly seek out a state of nervous system activation, pushing oneself into situations of hyper-arousal, in order to feel fully embodied.
It’s as though the brain is constantly scanning for tigers in the jungle and the nervous system isn’t given a chance to down regulate because the mammalian brain consistently overrides the neo-cortex in an attempt to justify this sympathetic nervous system activation.
When you identify the threat as illusory it is a step towards reassuring your system that it won’t get pounced on by that tiger if you sit still.
The next step is finding comfort in the stillness … and that’s where this profound healing modality comes in.
Craniosacral Therapy can help your system clear the emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological sludge that is essentially preventing you from living according to your full potential with meaning and purpose.
Shed the layers of who you aren’t in order to become who you are here to be.

As within, so without …

When you can’t change a situation, you’re forced to change yourself. Humanity has lived a life of the caterpillar for way too long and has been forced now to wrap itself in a cocoon where we can isolate ourselves and go deep within to find those parts of ourselves that need to change.
The only home we have is our planet, our environment, our very beings.
And right now we are being challenged to change from the inside out; to shift things and shake things so we don’t come out the other side to ‘business as usual’ but as beings adapted to change.
It’s a sign of insanity to keep doing the same things whilst expecting a different outcome. We have to now push through those pains of metamorphosis and decide if we come out flying or if we die resisting the change.
It’s time to learn to operate as part of the whole so as not to be constantly at war with an environment we are knowingly exploiting, abusing, destroying … killing!
We are all complicit in this massacre.
Why? Because we don’t want to change our behaviours and habits; so we don’t have to learn to live in a manner that honours our bodies and souls.
Because, I assure you, if everyone simply worked in harmony with their own beings, their immediate environment would change and the extrapolated ripple effect would naturally result in a healthy planet 🌍 
Are you going to make this time matter?
Can you stop fighting the virus 🦠 accept the virus, and recognise we ARE the virus?
Only if you accept this challenge will things change and you’ll be able to step out of your cocoon to a new inner and outer world.