I can be your Guide

You may not have chosen your particular path; you may have been unwittingly pushed off or on course by events in your life; but this is your path and only you can walk it.

Whatever the challenge, you have either the resources or the capacity to develop the correct set of resources to travel this passage through whatever you step in to meet and whatever rises to meet you.

Yet that set of factors are the very things that have also equipped you for this particular path.

This is your own personal pilgrimage.

Travel well … one step at a time. Nothing is here to just ‘get through’ or ‘get over’ or ‘be done with’ in order to be happy … The challenge is to befriend it all and be happy WITH it rather than only was it’s done.

I am your guide who will show up and meet you where you’re at … whether you are interested in walking one section of the journey and need guidance on how to traverse the full route or if you’re amped to go the full distance but feel you only have the capacity for a short section. Lets both just arrive with open minds and hearts full of wonder so that no matter the distance the journey will be complete. For now… and now… and now .

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