Qualified Transformational Yoga and Integral Meditation Teacher

I have tried various types of physical yoga practice for the past twenty years from Rishikesh to London to Cape Town but did not resonate with any of the styles …

And then I found Transformational Yoga which has a scientific approach that appeals to my mental desire to understand fully the cleansing process of the chakra bodies through the various tools included in this practice.

I have now completed the 500-hour level teacher training in Transformational Yoga and the 200-hour level teacher training in Transformational Integral Meditation Education with Sri Swami Vidyanand in India and am now a certified master and ambassador for the meditation program as part of the World Yoga Federation.

I have studied Vedanta for almost ten years and layered that with studies in Jung Psychology, finding a harmonious play between the texts. My main meditation and pranayama practices began in 2008 with the Art of Living and in 2011 with Vipassana where I am about to complete my second Sattipathana course.

As a qualified Craniosacral Therapist and Integral Coach, I supplement all these modalities with much life experience, research and studies in nutrition, developmental psychology, psychic development, shamanism, quantum physics, neuroanatomy, finance and creative writing.

I believe we are already all we need to be, yet sometimes the embodiment of our true purpose is forgotten beneath a lifetime of injury, trauma, addiction, illness, and subsequent compensation and often all we need is the correct holistic tools of development to guide us back to our innate health and inherent intelligence. I invite you on an exploration to greater self awareness, integration and inner resourcing so that you are better equipped for the pilgrimage to finding your purpose. 

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