Midwife for the Soul

Illness is not simply a physical affliction; it is an experience of soul as well. Repressed memories sit like a time bomb in the cells of the body, until symptoms show up to alert you to the wound. When we work together in my  therapy space, we don’t attach a narrative to the wound but, instead, feel into the somatic expression of the wound in a process of finding a pathway THROUGH the wound and unhooking from the memories … without judgement and without re-traumatisation of the system.

Bringing wounds to the surface can sometimes mean that the healing can be more painful than the wound itself. But, with healing modalities that take your body into parasympathetic nervous system activation (‘rest and digest’), I can guide you into a better-resourced state of innate health so that you are safely held and more able to confront and diffuse the time bomb and find harmony and wellbeing once more.

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