I am a Disrupter

I am a PCC Certified Integral Coach (UCT Graduate School of Business). Offering a range of specialised modalities, life experience and a unique skillset, I work functionally and dynamically from the foundations of your central nervous system to regulate, connect and integrate all levels of your consciousness — physical, vital, mental, relational and spiritual.

The Chinese symbols for listening are an ear and a heart and so it is, through opening my heart in deep listening, I invite you  to open your intuitive mind and wise heart to your innate embodied purpose. Knowing the path is not the same as walking the path, making it important to embark on an experiential process of discovery and creation of the path less trodden: to step onto the road meant only for you. 

I am an explorer, a pioneer and a pilgrim. Through decades of intentionally disrupting my own story, I bring the capacity to disrupt your story. I have learnt through experience that the greatest adventures—on mountains and in life—come from losing the path sometimes so that the less obvious pathways can be found. Obstacles are not intended to necessarily turn you back and can be used instead as a ratcheting open of your curiosity to the inner resourcing you can recruit in order to travel through and beyond them.

What I offer is an authentic expression of who I am so that you can find the same in yourself; a provocative invitation to shed the layers of who you’re not and find the courage to stand naked in the clothes you were born to wear so you can re-enter the world, your community and your immediate family with renewed vitality, confidence and calm. No one can become who they need to be by remaining who they are. Sometimes it takes crisis and sometimes curiosity; always it takes change.

Together we seek the questions for the answers you already hold within; together we co-create the map that best narrates your passage  towards your inner calling.

“Sooner or later we must realise there is no station, no one place to arrive at once and for all. The true joy of life is the trip.” ~ Robert Hastings

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