Multipotentiality is in my nature and that means I am always looking for different and more intricate ways to access life and learning, which I perceive as one big cosmic map of travelled paths and uncharted landscapes. At some stage of formal schooling I lost who I was and stayed lost, wandering in the dark on other peoples’ pathways. Had I not found my way to a meditation practice that prompted giving up my vices and then my marriage, I may never have cracked open the layers of muck that both masked who I am and incubated who I was to become.

Throughout my healing journey of self discovery I have found many anchors that have kept me focused enough to to find the patterns and connections between modalities and, as such, use these footholds to become who I am today through the shedding of all that I’m not.

Craniosacral Therapy has been that anchor since 2014 and I am now formalising the guidance I offer with Integral Coaching. In 2022 I will add Transformational Yoga and integral Meditation to this trilogy.

I had overloaded my backpack and reached a tipping point of dumping it all and starting again using intuitive mapping and courageous navigating. What we carry on the outside defines us to others but we define ourselves ultimately not by that which we carry but through the charting of our inner landscapes. There’s nothing wrong with any of it because sometimes we’re born too wise and have to get lost in order to find our way that ultimately spirals back to the beginning.

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