PRESENT Traumatic Stress Disorder

#PTSD currently is more PRESENT Traumatic Stress Disorder but even though it is anchored in past events and how they have been stored in your somatic nervous system and the cells of your body.

We are navigating a collective trauma that encompasses all of our individual traumas and this is being compounded by polarisation over differing beliefs and opinions rather that finding connections through commonality; compounded by judgemental othering rather than holding onto our humanity, and compounded by sinking into fear rather than rising into faith. You see, fear and faith are the same thing — both require a belief in something intangible and unseen.

Unfortunately we are living through a time of overwhelming #fear for most people and, because almost everyone has some form of mild to major trauma embedded in the cells of their body, it has become difficult to focus on faith. Added to this, being confronted with masked faces and/or people turning away when you pass them in public, it is impossible to orientate to feelings of safety and any latent trauma gets compounded and then either internalised through depression, fatigue and anxiety or externalised through rage, anger and aggression.

Research around the vagus nerve and the subsequent model by Stephen Porges called the Social Engagement System speaks directly to this. For more information:

Healthy Vagal Tone plays a crucial role in emotional and physical wellbeing by regulating the balance of your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, reducing inflammation and balancing your breath and heart rate variability. Any tools and practices that stimulate the vagus nerve will calm the body and better equip you for resilience through better homeostasis of your system.

General Vagus Nerve health can be optimised through regular Craniosacral Therapy sessions.

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