Lost in Translation

There are so many layers to life and to living and each layer holds its own combinations of experiences which, themselves, hold clusters of traumas, wounds, injuries and dis-ease.
When someone shows up in my therapy room, it’s generally to deal with the current manifestation of some part of these deeper layers and, generally, they want me to help make it go away,
Some therapists/modalities work at placating the symptoms so that the client feels relief but this tends to be only temporary respite because, unless the underlying issues are sought out, brought to the surface, acknowledged and worked with, symptoms will continue to appear in whatever form the body can use in order to get your attention – ignore the soft grumbles and the body will shout louder next time.
My approach is to see those symptoms as a language the body is using to ask for guidance and to help you to open a dialogue with those symptoms so that they no longer bring fear with them but rather curiosity … an opportunity for a deep dive into the innate wisdom of the body in order to bring authentic listening and subsequent healing.

Contact me if you would like to find a way through the white noise and find a more coherent language to talk to your wounds.

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