Knowing the path is not the same as walking the path

“In allowing the journey to ‘have us’ we become lost; we lose our usual selves in order to find our original self again. Lost souls are the only ones who ever get found.”
– Michael Meade

What good is a path if it doesn’t take us on a journey beyond that which we already know…?
A quest is a journey you undertake, the destination of which is unknown… a discovery, the process of which means you’ll find things along the way that you weren’t looking for.

What good is a calling if it doesn’t take us on a quest…?
Pilgrimage is an essential part of life for me – it is an outward journey of an inner quest … a journey to a physical destination that takes me on a journey to a spiritual Holy Grail … And it is never complete because each step is different each time I take it, and each outlook is an ever-changing reflection of my inner reality.

What good is an answer if it isn’t preceded by questions…?
As the old proverb says, “Before you begin the journey, you own the journey. Once you have begun, the journey owns you.” Today I began to plan the next journey and – as I now recognise – the searching and the planning in itself is a quest that will change me.

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