Accumulation Addiction

People use money as a tool of compliance — blackmail you into giving up your authenticity and your dreams. People bind money to love so it warps the notion of love and creates fear in the void where love is meant to be.

You’re not alone if you feel bound to a system like a family, a job or a spouse, enmeshed in the indoctrination and gaslighting around not being able to make it alone, not being able to stand on your own two feet without their financial input. There are many people who remain bound to a dysfunctional family or don’t leave a job or a spouse because the system they are in has undermined their ability to such a degree that they are immobilised by their perceived inability to survive without them. These same systems also make sure the individual doesn’t have any outside interests (no moonlighting in a work contract) or friends outside of the system who might influence them to recognise their are trapped in an unhealthy place.

We’ve been duped; we’ve got it all wrong! Progress isn’t about getting more; it’s about learning to live with less. Financial abuse is when people use money as a tool against you, to manipulate, to coerce you. It happens in families, marriages and in workplaces. Sustainability means giving stuff up so you aren’t constantly striving for more stuff and then having to support the attainment of said stuff by sacrificing the parts of your live that would essentially negate your need to attain said stuff in the first place. To create a sustainable lifestyle, find out what you value most and what matters most to you and hold those things with more reverence than the stuff you think you need to get in order to prop up your values on a pseudo pedestal. Because when things fall apart, which inevitably they always do, you will still have the things you need to sustain you — the things that money and status and cars and jobs can’t give you.

Abundance is love, kindness, joy and ease … it is a settling into the simplicity that everything is available.

“The world has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed.” Mahatma Gandhi


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