A wound is not a life sentence.

There is a conditioned response to the somatic (mostly unwitting and unchecked) resistance to the felt sense of whatever is happening in the moment and, as with any form of conditioning, it can be reprogrammed with access to an equal measure of considered and conscious resourcing. 

Struggle can be used as a tool to justify one’s actions or one’s suffering and prevent one from fulfilling one’s dreams and desires and successes because it has become too painful to let go of the pain, and the samsara it locks us into. Often it’s just easier to be in the struggle than to step up and show up so it’s important to not get too attached to the strapping and then fail to acknowledge that the wound is no longer there. Letting go of the identity of injury can be empowering and can create the space for taking on the responsibility of stepping fully into one’s essential self. Treating your struggle or your wound as your Everest or Kilimanjaro can provide the telos to pull you on the very path you need to traverse towards your recovery and integration; it can be your elixir or your golden thread that highlights your unique gifts. We are not here to be perfect, we are here to heal. And the first part of any healing process is to recognise the wound as a symbol of healing rather than as an obstacle in its way.

Through a combination of trauma release exercises, yoga, meditation, chanting and light touch therapy, we can together co-create a safe holding space that gives your system permission to let go. This isn’t about fixing anything; it’s about finding a new set point from which you can operate more effectively without feeling under threat. 

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