Find your Landmarks to plot a new Map

Craniosacral Therapy and Coaching, for me, are two vessels towards the same goal. And rather than being an ultimate landmark destination, the goal here is a process. And rather than the process following a mapped out pathway, the process is an exploration of a previously undefined territory.

So Craniosacral Therapy and Coaching are an experiential journey throughout the body (physical and emotional), the mind and the psyche to discover those landmarks that become the guides that plot a new way of being, living and thriving, both internally and externally.

While you show up for yourself over and over agin, I provide that container for the alchemical transformation … from dissolution (unbecoming) through the wasteland of letting go to the oasis of your gift and life purpose.

And then I leave you there a while until the next journey around the circle ⭕️ of Zen; each circumambulation becomes more familiar yet no less necessary for consistently stripping away the layers that have prevented absorption at the next nourishment station.

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