Awareness of the Moment

Where did the world go wrong that online platforms are inundated with courses on abundance, positivity, how to find love, etc.
False positivity. Affirmations. Manifestation. These are the buzz words consistently and obsessively touted as the pathway to Happiness.
But, being told to stay positive, find love, manifest your perfect life, all allude to a set of ideal criteria that will make you ‘better’ … which has the sole consequence of making you feel worse.
And what if there really IS no pathway to happiness?
What if happiness already exists in each and every moment?
When you can stop avoiding feeling or being a certain way, happiness is a natural by-product of the contentment that comes with being present to whatever arises and the realisation that perfection lies in ALL of the messiness of life.
What if all you have to do is stop looking for it … and just STOP and LOOK? Abundance was here all along.

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