Immortality is the new alchemical remedy that is taking the world by storm. The phoenix is the symbol of Immortality and it is often from the ashes that we rise … into a new state of being; everything we have ever wanted to be.
First we must acknowledge what we have dumped on the body — in the process of taking Immortality, old memories and wounds will emerge for acknowledgment, acceptance and release and it is important to honour and traverse each part of this healing. The reward is a younger you — tighter skin, more flexible joints, stronger muscles and bones, youthful energy, and the ability to see what it is that has been preventing you from releasing certain stuck emotions and injuries.
One bottle (R1,500) lasts a month and it’s only necessary to have two bottles initially (with an optional integration gap of a month between bottles) and then one bottle every year or two. Contact me to discuss your healing plan, to order Immortality and to book your Craniosacral Therapy session: O741O11621 or

‘The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.’ ~ C.G. Jung

As within, so without …

When you can’t change a situation, you’re forced to change yourself. Humanity has lived a life of the caterpillar for way too long and has been forced now to wrap itself in a cocoon where we can isolate ourselves and go deep within to find those parts of ourselves that need to change.
The only home we have is our planet, our environment, our very beings.
And right now we are being challenged to change from the inside out; to shift things and shake things so we don’t come out the other side to ‘business as usual’ but as beings adapted to change.
It’s a sign of insanity to keep doing the same things whilst expecting a different outcome. We have to now push through those pains of metamorphosis and decide if we come out flying or if we die resisting the change.
It’s time to learn to operate as part of the whole so as not to be constantly at war with an environment we are knowingly exploiting, abusing, destroying … killing!
We are all complicit in this massacre.
Why? Because we don’t want to change our behaviours and habits; so we don’t have to learn to live in a manner that honours our bodies and souls.
Because, I assure you, if everyone simply worked in harmony with their own beings, their immediate environment would change and the extrapolated ripple effect would naturally result in a healthy planet 🌍 
Are you going to make this time matter?
Can you stop fighting the virus 🦠 accept the virus, and recognise we ARE the virus?
Only if you accept this challenge will things change and you’ll be able to step out of your cocoon to a new inner and outer world.