Nervous System Reset

When trauma is imprinted on the cells of the body – often from childhood abuse, neglect and/or abandonment – an individual may constantly seek out a state of nervous system activation, pushing oneself into situations of hyper-arousal, in order to feel fully embodied.
It’s as though the brain is constantly scanning for tigers in the jungle and the nervous system isn’t given a chance to down regulate because the mammalian brain consistently overrides the neo-cortex in an attempt to justify this sympathetic nervous system activation.
When you identify the threat as illusory it is a step towards reassuring your system that it won’t get pounced on by that tiger if you sit still.
The next step is finding comfort in the stillness … and that’s where this profound healing modality comes in.
Craniosacral Therapy can help your system clear the emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological sludge that is essentially preventing you from living according to your full potential with meaning and purpose.
Shed the layers of who you aren’t in order to become who you are here to be.

Craniosacral Therapy & the Subconscious Mind

There is a revolutionary shift in healing perspective when you can praise your body’s illness. When symptoms appear it is because your body is intelligent enough to dialogue with you — often after long periods of repression — about showing up for yourself to release holding patterns trapped in your cells.

Craniosacral Therapy gently supports the unwinding and release of traumas and stresses that are causing the symptoms, thereby allowing the mind body connection the libido to return to a more balanced function.

True healing comes when you can treat your illness as an old friend who’s come for tea and a candid conversation.