Grief is an invitation to love

We are not human beings on a spiritual journey but spiritual beings on a human journey — mortal in body and mind but not in spirit — inhabiting these vehicles as a tool of ascension, up to that point that we have either completed the current work or our bodies no longer have the capacity to carry us.

And just like we cannot get over anything (transcend) but have to rather get through (ascend), so too do we have to travel the passage of grief.But we are not taught to grieve well. We are instead taught to be polite with our mourning, to be strong, to remember the happy times … whilst that energy that moves through us at the time of loss finds all the spaces and places it can crack wide open, ripping into us until we want to wail and weep and howl and rage.

I am no stranger to loss and grief but a novice at losing a parent. Although inevitable — although even anticipated — it is like the connection of one’s spirit to the spirit of the one that’s leaving has to perforate and separate in order to allow their full departure.

Death pays no heed to manners and the force of grief needs to be freed to move … and shake … and break one’s heart … so wide open that it is impossible not to learn that loss is simply an invitation to love more.

Be Fluid

There are so many ways to explore one’s inner landscapes and outer realities. For me, it’s fluid tumbling and twisting in the primordial amniotic fluid of the psyche where I find that womb-like nurturing and waterlogged madness that take me on a dualistic journey of finding (and often fighting) my way back into my body.

This is by no means a finite journey but rather a continuous adventure of the inner landscapes of my psyche … constantly leaving, searching, learning, practicing and arriving … back to the same place but changed by the journey … 50 years of exploring and knowing myself for the first time.

As the continuation of my birthday celebrations, I was visited after a ballet class by a soul sister bearing a gift of the sweetest-smelling single rose, in full bloom, attached to a pack of Cosmic Dancer oracle cards. And the very first card I drew? Be Fluid.

Water can be yielding and can also wear down the hardest of obstacles. I am reminded to do the same — to be in flow and adapt according to the environment.

With Craniosacral Therapy I access your fluid body, working with the jelly-like cerebrospinal fluid that is encased in layers of dural membranes, continuous from brain through spinal column, and that in turn encases your central nervous system. By working this way, I can access your entire being by touching lightly into the landmarks of your body and, in so doing, bring cohesion to body, mind and soul through attending to the symptoms that are calling out for healing. 

Pay-as-you-can for Craniosacral Therapy for the month of July 2021

Because healing has become both crucial for all as well as financially inaccessible for many, I am going to try out a sliding scale concept in my practice for the month of July.

If you are able to pay more than the R850 session fee, please pay what you can in order to enable access to healing for those who are not able to pay this fee. If you aren’t able to pay the R850 session fee, please still contact me with what you are able to pay as I will not turn anyone away due to lack of funds (for the month of July only for now but hopefully I can extend this if the plan is feasible).

I will also be offering a complimentary session to everyone who books three treatments during July; this fourth session can be used anytime before the end of 2021.

This being human is not a solitary journey so let’s all join together to do our own healing and enable others to do theirs too. 

Please see for more information.

Contact me via the online form or by email or WhatsApp 0741011621.

Information required:
* Name and number
* Preferred dates and times
* How many sessions you would like to book
* What you are able to pay.

This is a trust system so please exercise discretion when using this payment plan.

I look forward to seeing old clients again and meeting new clients.
I look forward to journeying with you on your healing path.


I’m not a healer because that alludes to an end point when we are always in varying states of health and vitality.

Instead, I help you optimise your resources:
🗝 on a physical level with Craniosacral Therapy;
🗝 on an emotional and mental level with coaching,
🗝 and on a spiritual level with guided nature activities and visualisations.

The goal is not to eradicate all dis-ease, discomfort or dysfunction but to find and develop those inherent resources that you can use to cue your sense of ease, comfort and function.

Let me take you on a pilgrimage and map a new territory.

My Work is my Art

Art is not decorative; it’s what causes change.

I don’t hand you your health nor do I provide you with the answers. What I do is hold you in a space of non-judgement, mutual respect, trust and freedom of expression so that you can drop into an integrated state of being — mind, body and heart — and discover that you are already healing and you already have the questions that are guiding you towards the answers … just keep journeying and they will lead you back home to you; to your innate wellness and to your true vitality.

Craniosacral Therapy and coaching are the mediums that I use. What’s your medium that you use as the vehicle of translating your gift into a language your audience can hear?

If you can see your work as your art, what are you creating today; what change are you effecting? 

Method Addiction

I’m not a fan of anything prescriptive. I believe in teaching people how to awaken their innate wisdom rather than touting methods for wellness, healing, training or life goals in general. This is because if we are in tune with the intuitive nature of the body, mind and heart we will spontaneously gravitate towards that which will ultimately benefit us on a deep somatic level.

Thirteen years ago, and for several years beyond, while I was going through the trauma of separation and divorce — and all that entails when egos are frayed and children are hurting — I would take myself to the icy Atlantic and breathe meditatively through the freeze as I gradually submerged myself in its numbness. Once I had calmed my sympathetic nervous system and slowed my heart rate and breath, I would lie back and surrender to the support of the water, relaxing fully into her arms. All the while my calming inner dialogue would remind me that this will pass, that I will be warm again, that nothing is forever and that the Law of Impermanence is my soulmate. I was generally the only person back then … incredulous onlookers considered me mad. But now it’s a method; now it’s en vogue; now everyone, whether or not they are intuitively being called to #icebathing, will force themselves to go there because now you’re considered crazy if you don’t.

Having said all of that, I’m always up for a #challenge! So when I met a friend this evening for a swim in the tidal pool, and he set his watch for 20 minutes, there was zero chance I was going to get out a second before the goal regardless of having lost control of my lower jaw at around the 15 minute mark.

With the sun behind mottled clouds, after 20 minutes in thirteen degree Celsius water, I fumbled over belt and buttons and managed to tap my thumb in just the right place to capture the magnificence of yet another magical Cape Town sunset. And then I had to recruit a driver so my body could shake out all that needed to be released.

Mindfulness is Soulfulness

In my opinion mindfullness isn’t necessarily about slow walking, deep breathing, frequent resting and delighting in every flower on a trail. Sure, it CAN be about all of these things. But it’s not prescriptive, it’s not a recipe to follow in the pursuit of awakening.

Mindfulness is about being present with where you are and how you are … right now. And now … and now.

If mindfulness were simply about the new age hippy version of tripping through the daisies it would exclude an entire population of people whose daily lives involve hard labour, stressful work commitments, gruelling commutes and distressing separations. 

Fully practicing mindfulness isn’t waiting for gaps or vacations or weekend retreats; unless you can find mindfulness in the chaos, true mindfulness will elude you in the calm and create all manner of psychological and emotional discontent by projecting your ideals onto a reality that only ever exists in the present.

When practiced with integrity and concentration, mindfulness can be present in the sensations of the footfall of your dash for a train; present with the attitude of impermanence of your stress about being late; found in the vibrations of the hammer as it chips away at boulder after boulder, and in meeting yourself in the heartfelt sadness of farewells.

Meditation is a medication that comes without prescription and is not limited to the lotus sitting in silence. Mindfulness can be easily practiced on the cushion yet it will ultimately always transcend this.

So don’t wait to practice because someone has told you it requires stillness and contemplation. Practice it in every moment by being present in your now.

Transition Pioneer

In mythology it is told that these days were never counted on the calendar because they were meant as a time for pause and reflection. This new lockdown and curfew has brought more of that and there is definitely a feeling of suspension — a holding of breath and a stillness in waiting for something to pass and something new to take its place.

As time moves through the midnight hour at the end of one year and into the next, nothing miraculously changes. It’s just part of a created construct. But that’s not to say that, with intention, attention, ritual and mindful manifestation, you cannot create the change you want.

Writing a new story – for me – means pioneering again and, as the saying goes, the pioneer is the one with the arrows in her back. I’ll take that a step further by tying in the arrows to my posts on wounding as the place one’s  daemon (a.k.a. one’s gift) emerges. And I’m challenged to reflect on how I keep the wound open enough to allow the radiance of my gifts while bandaged enough to protect myself from the energy vampires who bleed me dry. Because my pioneering has almost killed me many times.

But, by pushing into my outer edges of near death, I have found my treasures … and those treasure chests, remember, never come clean out of the ocean depths; they come up encrusted with barnacles and strapped with rusted iron and jammed padlocks. And then accessing that treasure is not simply finding it but also cleaning it up and unlocking it … and it’s the tools one finds or has to develop in this very endeavour that often generate the greatest growth experience.

This year had brought crisis, trauma, destruction, illness, mental health disasters, and death … death that has taken both human kind and human kindness. This year has also brought opportunity through isolation – an uncomfortable and often unbearable pause … a hiatus from which we have had to recreate our stories of who we are. 

And this story writing continues as we spiral through time.

My story has changed dramatically again this year as I have had no choice but to prostrate myself at the alter of my own fallibility and shed the flotsam from my sinking ship. This has included some of the roles I have had to play — dutiful daughter, loyal lover, dumping ground, punching bag, scapegoat child, holder and organiser, gap filler, option — and some of those people who have expected me to fulfil those roles for them because without my part their own identity is compromised.

It’s a lonely journey speaking out from one’s heart, following one’s truth and putting up the necessary boundaries … but I’m building resilience as the earth falls away from under my feet and I hold myself in suspended animation until I can trust the people who have chosen to stay in my life are the ones who can catch me when I allow myself to fall.

Although I know it’s temporary, the hiatus can be excruciating. This ending has been a long one as I transition through the different stories of my life now with space for new leading roles played by people who resonate with the changes the protagonist has been through.

Yes, the pioneer has a lonely journey as misfit, rebel, activist, truth-seeker and orator… but I’d have it no other way. So as I crawl to the finish line with arrows in my back, everything is still the same yet it is different purely through a shift of mentality. Because as we change, the people and activities we resonate with change too and, just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, we grow stronger through our choices and the quality of the connections we make.

Immunity means I am you in Me … so to build immunity over time, let’s not bury human kindness along with everything else this year that has both died and been killed.

E-motion is meant to Move

Inflammation arises as a response to attack on one’s physical body and it promotes a clearing and cleaning of symptoms. If, however, this is consistently neutralised, the hostile toxins get stored in the connective tissues and cause long term degenerative and acute dis-ease.

Now consider this on a psychological level. Unresolved emotional content will show up again and again and, so long as it isn’t engaged with in a way that it can be transformed and e-moted — moved — through the psyche, it will not be transformed into the beneficial immunity, a.k.a. appropriate responses.

Contact me to find harmony in the ebbs and flows of somatic experiences within your system in order to bring to the surface those things that need to get unstuck and begin to move.

Lost in Translation

There are so many layers to life and to living and each layer holds its own combinations of experiences which, themselves, hold clusters of traumas, wounds, injuries and dis-ease.
When someone shows up in my therapy room, it’s generally to deal with the current manifestation of some part of these deeper layers and, generally, they want me to help make it go away,
Some therapists/modalities work at placating the symptoms so that the client feels relief but this tends to be only temporary respite because, unless the underlying issues are sought out, brought to the surface, acknowledged and worked with, symptoms will continue to appear in whatever form the body can use in order to get your attention – ignore the soft grumbles and the body will shout louder next time.
My approach is to see those symptoms as a language the body is using to ask for guidance and to help you to open a dialogue with those symptoms so that they no longer bring fear with them but rather curiosity … an opportunity for a deep dive into the innate wisdom of the body in order to bring authentic listening and subsequent healing.

Contact me if you would like to find a way through the white noise and find a more coherent language to talk to your wounds.