Care Packages

“The pain you feel is the breaking of shell that encloses your understanding.”  – Kahlil Gibran

As a long-term student of psychology, I believe there is a place for talk therapy. But I also believe that talk therapy has the potential to condition the mind to reinforce one’s narrative. I have studied and worked with different modalities and have chosen to focus on Craniosacral Therapy because of its capacity to release physical and emotional trauma from the system on a somatic level. But, whilst my focus is on Craniosacral Therapy, I bring to the table a lifetime of experience, research, studies, self-development and a variety of practices, which means a session with me will include a holistic investigation into the ways in which you can better resource your system as well as between session check-ins to keep track of our responses to the therapy.

I like to work outside of the construct and use various combinations of my particular skillset to tap into what it is your particular system requires so that you can discover how it is you want to inhabit this current manifestation of your current existence.

Care packages will allow you to tailor-make how you would like to structure your shedding and your becoming through this time, with three options detailed below to allow you to find the right alignment of time, budget and healing requirements. The below examples are simply a guideline; we can decide together what structure best suits your requirements.

Blocks and unwelcome emotions may be uncomfortable but they are the guides to where you ideally want to live. My work is to act as a mirror to your process, reflecting back to your system where the blocks are and where the flow is, indicating to you the way markers back to your own ease through the portal of your dis-ease.


One Month
Four 1.5-hour Treatments
Four 20-minute Calls

Book and pay in advance for a one-month package. With this package you will receive one 1.5-hour Craniosacral Therapy session per week over the course of one month (four treatments).
In addition to this we will have a brief weekly check-in via phone or WhatsApp.
Total cost: R 3, 000


Two Months
Four 1.5-hour Treatments
Two 1-hour Calls

Book and pay in advance for a two-month package. With this package you will receive two 1.5-hour Craniosacral Therapy sessions per month and one 1-hour phone/video call per month.
Total cost: R 3,200


One 1.5-hour Treatment
One 1-hour Call

Book ongoing monthly sessions with access to my time between appointments to check in on how your body and mind are feeling and gage how to proceed with your healing journey. This includes one 1.5-hour session plus one 1-hour phone/video call per month.
Monthly cost: R 1,300

Healing is a Revolutionary Act:
Are you Ready?