About Penelope

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” – Jean de La FontaineF1923E42-D843-42A1-9957-2C8A57B9D457

I believe that healing is akin to a quest; a soul’s call to adventure that you ignore at your own peril. It is a journey into both fascinating and frightening places that you have no choice but to take, despite the uncertainty of the destination. Yet you do this not solely for self but for your entire community.

I have journeyed far to this point of becoming a therapist, having come full circle from initially studying Developmental Psychology, to training through Integral Health to become a qualified Craniosacral Practitioner. In-between, I have worked in Investment Banking, Human Resources, Consulting, NGOs (grief counselling and literacy programs), Social Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Writing (published a book and blog) and Mentoring. I have studied Psychic Development and I am ongoing student of Jung Psychology and Vedanta. Currently I am studying Developmental Coaching at the UCT Graduate School of Business.

Rumi’s suggestion that there are hundreds of ways to kneel down and touch the ground is, for me, so relevant to Craniosacral Therapy. This technique has such depth and breadth but each therapist encapsulates it through bringing their own unique embodiment of their own life journeys to this work. With a passion for nutrition, childhood development and holistic health as well as a belief in an integrated patient-centred approach that treats the body, mind and spirit as one, I take each individual I treat on a journey to their own unique place of innate health. 

I work with the whole system, guided predominantly by my training in Craniosacral Therapy, whilst also tapping into my broad life experience, supplemented by research and additional studies in nutrition, meditation, psychology, psychic development, shamanism, quantum physics, neuroanatomy and much more.

I’m not the healing angel who will wipe your tears and tell you everything will be ok, because often it won’t be. I’m the healing angel who will pick you up, dust you down, hand you your sword and show you how to be ok with everything not being ok. In fact I don’t heal you but rather work with your Craniosacral System in a way that you are brought into a state of being that is better equipped to heal itself. I have travelled a long path to healing myself so I bring to my therapy space a deeper understanding and empathy for each individual’s unique yet universal journey towards health, balance, happiness and vitality.

Each body has its own stories; my job is to listen–to hear its stories as clearly as possible, and to respond effectively. When I hold into your system (CNS) — mind, body, spirit — I am not doing anything to fix you. Instead I am offering a safe space for your being to surrender into its innate ability to heal by giving you the containment for your own internal forces to find their outer limits and, in doing so, define a way to organise themselves — from my heart to my hands to your health.

Through bodywork sessions, I will work on your body and its health as well as responding to my intuition in terms of your resourcing and support between treatments. With this approach, I can re-establish the dialogue between your body and its inherent health and guide you to the best version of you that you can be. This applies to adults, children and even to pets; all beings respond to this work..

This article from the Holistica magazine offers more information about how this profound therapy can benefit you.

I do not prescribe or diagnose – any recommendations are suggestions only.

Open the attached article on Craniosacral Therapy and Penelope van Maasdyk in the Sunday Times Lifestyle section

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